Domestic Goddessry and Drinks That Will Kick Your Butt

My evil plan worked fairly well this weekend. Didn’t do a whole lot, just hung around the ol’ abode. It was the first rainy weekend we’ve had in forever so it was nice to just curl up inside with a good book, some 'Eureka' and some knitting. I cleaned a bit and cooked a bit: made a taco salad, some lemon crumb bars and baked chicken. It was good to be a domestic goddess for a couple of days. The lemon crumb bars were great. It was a new recipe I’ve never tried that called for lemon cake mix, sweetened condensed milk and saltine crackers. If you’re intrigued, comment me and I’ll send you the recipe.

We went to The Melting Pot with friends D&T after work Friday night. I hardly ever drink. Two glasses of wine a year and maybe a mixed drink at the Company Holiday Party and that’s it. I am a very sleepy drunk. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get me looking around for a corner to curl up and snuggle down in. But the Melting Pot makes this kind of chocolaty-Baileys-vodka concoction that I just HAD to try, considering the time I’ve had of it lately. It was sent directly from Heaven. It was chocolate with a little kick but mostly it didn’t have any alcohol taste. Musta been some in there though as it thoroughly set me on my keester. Mr. Bee said I was slurring a little but I didn’t notice. Everything was just ducky as far as I was concerned thank you very much! Why if it hadn’t been $9 I probably would’ve had another! I’m glad I didn’t. I went home and fell sound asleep promptly but then woke up with a stomach ache. Dealt with that and the thunderstorm from heck rolled in and woke me up again; this time with a headache the likes of which the world has never known. If you were thinking about doing it, my advice is to never have an alcohol-induced headache during a rollicking, good thunderstorm. Between the bright flashes of light, the crashing roar and vibrations of the thunder, the cat trying to crawl under the covers and inside your nightshirt if at all possible and the dog whining and incessantly licking anything that sticks out from under the covers momentarily, including the cat, a fun time is NOT has by all. Particularly since Mr. Bee sleeps his very best during a storm and was no absolutely no help at all with the neurotic fur babies or his drunkard of a wife.

But morning came and we got on with our weekend OK. I got the entire leg on one Tidal Wave sock finished and then tore it all out because I decided I needed to go up a needle size. Now the leg is half done again on size twos and I am liking it a lot better. I finally ordered myself a pair of sock blockers. They are really cute with wee little moose on the tops. Hopefully they will be here by the time the socks are done so I can get a proper photo for a change.

Off to do walk the dog through the sludgy humid air that is Southern Wisconsin today. Bleck!


Mum said…
Ah Ha.... No wonder you were napping when I called Sunday!!
Beth in WI said…
Moose sock blockers!!!! Where on earth did you find those?
bobbi said…
the melting pot, yum, yum!!
they are on the radio advertising a lot lately. i listen to wis. radio cause i'm so close to wis. border.
DPUTiger said…
Where did you get your sock blockers? I'm on the prowl for a pair...

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