IrishFest and Leprechaun's Loot

Mr. Bee and I toddled on over to the thriving metropolis of Milwaukee yesterday to go to IrishFest. In true Irish tradition, it poured. Wanna know what's scarier than wall-to-wall people? Wall-to-wall drunken Irish folks wielding umbrellas! Yikes! But we had a great time although I missed meeting up with Beth of Chocolate Sheep fame. I just missed her at the Curragh tent. Rumor has it that her husband's team won the races though!

We heard some new Irish music, including a band out of Chicago we'd never seen before called The Tossers that we really liked, watched the Trinity Irish Dancers, listened to the Boudran and fiddle players, ate some yummy shepherd's pie [Which isn't really made out of shepherds at all. I asked.] and bought some authentic Irish tea at the Irish Supermarket. My favorite part, though, was the Irish Canine exhibit. I know...go figure. I am totally in love with Irish Wolf hounds. There was one male that was over 4 ft high at the head. And he was so gentle and sweet. If my dream comes true, I'll have one someday. I shall call him Seamus and ride him around the neighborhood, perched in my custom made, shiny, purple saddle! Wheeeee!(See how fun it is to live on my planet?)

I worked on "My So Called Scarf" on the way in the car. I really like the pattern-kinda herringbone-like:

Now you all know that I am on a yarn diet. No yarn buying until October. But the weirdest thing happened on the way to IrishFest! We were heading there (way out of our way, north of the city, in Whitefish Bay, WI) when we 'stumbled' on a yarn shop called Ruhumas! I'd heard of it, but never been there so I was obliged to check it out, being so close and all. Ohmygosh! It was amazing.!Tons of yarn! Tons of sock yarn! Gadgets and bags! Nice helper ladies! And me on a yarn diet. Alas. Whoa is me. Sigh.

But as I rounded the corner, empty-handed, to head out of the store, I encountered a leprechaun! It's true! You can only imagine my surprise. What luck! What frickin' IrishFest luck! And he was carrying away a wee pot of treasure as fast as his tiny legs would carry him. So I kicked his little, green butt and stole the treasure for myself. 'Cause it's only right. That's what you're supposed to do. I've seen it in movies and on t.v. a million times. Oh, I'm not saying it was easy. They're little but they're scrappy, but steal it I did and here's what the treasure contained:

Red and purple variegated "Bearfoot" sock yarn and blue variegated "Jitterbug"sock yarn.

Two different skeins of Anne sock yarn. I have never seen sock yarn so soft and fine as this!

I KNOW! How lucky is it that sock yarn is my very favoritist and that's what the treasure was!?! I am truly a blessed kicker of leprechaun butts! :Blissful sigh:

So that was my weekend; went to IrishFest, worked on my scarf and made a grown leprechaun cry. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Sue said…
I totally believe you. I have been to that store and it is really a great one.
peaknits said…
Great story - I can't believe a Leprechaun made it from the lake front with a pot of yarn and no one else had accosted him - double lucky! He has great taste in yarn too!
DPUTiger said…
Of COURSE he had yarn! What else would a knitter-tackled leprechaun be carrying? Love the scarf. Have some Malabrigio that's earmarked for that pattern.
Wow! Now I wish I could find a leprechaun more than I've ever wished before!
Sus said…
Oh, yes, isn't Ruhama's great? It's a seriously dangerous place for me. I'm so jealous of your leprechaun find! Great luck! I've had the pleasure of a visitation by the Ruhama's Clearance Fairy, but a yarn-toting leprechaun is even better! Yay!! Glad you survived the waterlogged Irish Fest. The scarf looks great -- can't wait to see the FO!
A custom purple saddle for riding hounds and a leprechaun with sock yarn as his treasure - that is GREAT! Glad I found your blog! :)

Good thing you were able to kick leprechaun butt - I would have hated to see you blow your diet!
cyndy said…
oooh, that sock yarn does look yummy!...and the Irish Fest sounds great...(esp the music!)
bobbi said…
the good thing about a diet, YOU CAN ALWAYS GO OFF IT WHEN YOU WANT!
I'm on one also, it's been since stitches, aug. 8th, and i'm still doing ok
I was introduced to Anne sock yarn at stiches. wonderful yarn to say the least. enjoy yours. you got some beautiful yarn.