Note to Self: Don't Pour Molten Liquid in Your Head!

This just in from the "Just When You Think You've Heard It All' department. Friend calls up and asks me to come help her 'candle her ears'. Since I'd never heard of it, I didn't jump on the full-agreement bandwagon just yet and asked her what that was exactly. I still don't really know, I kind of blacked out a little bit when she got to the part about putting some kind of a LIT candle in her ear. Yeah, you heard me.

Now at this point, I'm thinking, Holy Crap, what kinda gunk do you have in there that you have to go to those lengths to get it out?!?! I'm also wondering if she has maybe done this one too many times in the past and accidentally pulled out the bit of gray matter that is responsible for knowing not to pour molten liquids directly into your head! But I was curious, so I ask what my role in this macabre, voodoo-esque ritual will be. Chanting? Beheading the chicken? Gathering the eye of newt? And she says...get job would just be... 'to keep the candle from going out'.

Now I think I'm a pretty good friend. I'll make you chicken soup when you have a cold. I'll water your plants when you're out of town. I'll tell you if your skirt is tucked in your pantyhose when you come out of the ladies' room. I'll provide bail money...hell, I'll even help you move (the truest sign of friendship)! But make sure your head remains on fire? Not so much. I'm afraid you're on your own with that one, Sister! Sheesh! Keep the candle lit. Good Lord. As it turns out that I'm also the type of friend who will gift wrap a box of Q-Tips real fancy-like, set them on your doorstep, ring the bell and run away!

Anyway, Elizabeth, Linda, Cindy (who I only figured out after the fact is Baxter's mum. I know! THE Baxter!) Anne and I knit the afternoon away and had a great visit. It was wonderful to finally get back there! I even finished my Tidal Wave socks! Here they are lounging around in their natural habitat; standing on the deck in the sun. They toe in. Who knew? I had no idea when I was knitting them.
And here's the artsy pose...
And a close up of the patterning.
I really loved working with the Toefootsies yarn even though it split a lot. But you would too if you were made out of tofu run-off and crab shells. But the socks turned out wonderfully soft and held the pattern well. The patterning was amazingly close in each one although I didn't do anything special. I started another pair of socks last night-Caascade Fixation tulip socks. I think I found a mistake in the pattern though and am kind of grounded until Heather gets back into the Sow's Ear tomorrow so I can ask her. I think there is a YO missing in the 13th row.
Well, Mr. Bee and I are off to geocache on this beautiful the cemetary. Yeah. I'll letcha know how it goes!


Elizabeth said…
Gorgeous socks!

What a great day to be tromping around in the great outdoors.
Elizabeth said…
p.s. I think ear candling is pretty thoroughly discredited. You have good instincts.
Mum said…
Love your new icon
peaknits said…
I have a friend who does that weirdness, I just put my hands over my ears "la la la" when she talks about it. The socks came out awe-some!
bobbi said…
I've been at health stores and saw the ear stick, whatever it's called, and asked "what the heck is this" they tell me and i just give them a look like are you nuts?
I've been curious, but not enough to do it.
socks look great!
YarnThrower said…
Oops...I guess I said that I really like your socks in the wrong post. It should go on this one! They turned out so great!

If I ever ask you to keep a fire lit next to my ear, please, please, please get some psychiatric help for me!
Linda L. said…
Your socks are beautiful! If I didn't say it Saturday (and I really don't remember, because I think I was 20% asleep) I thought I'd better say it now.
Ear candling? Ranks right up there with leeches, I think. I hope your friend doesn't use copious amounts of Aqua-Net...
knitnzu said…
I've actually heard of ear candling, but know about nada about it. One of those catalogs of old fashioned stuff (vermont or yankee something) used to sell something for this. Nice socks! I've heard lots of folks say the tofutsies is splitty, but nobody seems to mind.

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