The Sky's On Fire

I don't know what's going on but there is this huge glowing orb in the sky today. It appears to be on fire and it seems to be heating the very air around us! Glory be the rain has stopped! It's about time, Mr. Bee and I had already set upon our path of collecting gopher wood and figuring out what to heck a cubit is! I'm not kidding people. It's been jungle rot and ark time here for a couple of weeks now. The bible says that God promised not to make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights again. This time he only went for 39! Thank goodness we live on a hill!

I was felled by a virus of epic proportions on Wednesday and Thursday. It was nasty but allowed me to finish my 'So Called Scarf' in record time.

Here it is begrudgingly modeled by Bentley. Oh he was all for it when I asked him yesterday and it was rainy and he was cold. But he totally reneged today when push came to shove since it's sunny and warm He was such a fuss-budget about it that Mr. Bee had to be enlisted to help. I made it long enough so that it can be halved and the ends tucked through the loop so it will stay snug better. I couldn't demonstrate that here because our Il Divo wouldn't allow for it.

I also got my sock blockers! Yay! I got them from Chappy's on Ebay and they are gorgeous. They make them on spec so they still smell deliciously like new wood and varnish. They even included the cutest, little moose stitch marker.
Now all I have to do is finish the rest of the foot on my Tidal Wave socks and I can model them on my new blockers! I will probably finish them this afternoon as friend-Anne and I are going to Mrs. Sable's Last Saturday knitting this afternoon. Then this evening, I will be perusing the stash to see what my next project will be:

Option One: Recycled bag bag. I have been saving the brightly colored plastic tubes that the Sunday paper comes in for a couple of years now. I want to cut them into strips and knit them into a tote.

Option Two: Socks! Socks! Socks! I have so many fabulous sock yarns (I just got my new Socks That Rock Sock of the Month kit in the mail this week-yummy)

Option Three: Coat scarves with the Cherry Hill Ribbon I got a while back for cheap. It was discontinued ends that the Yarn Girls were practically giving away!

Now I guarantee you that I will go down, look through my many treasures and come upstairs with something totally different because that's how I usually roll. But I love that moment when all things are possible! Off to get my stuff together to go knittin'!


bobbi said…
Bently looks just great with that scarf on.
what a beautiful dog.
I loose sleep thinking about what to knit next, so i'm no help at all, ofcourse my vote will most always be between socks and felted totes,or bags.
bobbi said…
P.S. i like your purchases.
Elizabeth said…
Great scarf! And a great model, too!

It was great to see you this afternoon!
YarnThrower said…
Your sock blockers are SO COOL !!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the moose! I think the scarf looks so great on Bentley. And your socks turned out great, too!

I wish I could have been at last Saturday knitting. I was out of town for a gig with my quartet, though I did think about you all knitting your hearts out and having lots of fun. Say "HI" to Anne for me!