Monday, April 23, 2007

Crazy Aunt Purl's New Book!!!!

I feel like crap on a cracker today! My big boss came in hacking, wheezing, coughing, and rasping all over us last week and now I have it. She claimed it was allergies…yeah right! I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open, my throat burns and the glands in my neck are swollen and painful. Got to love working in an open office environment! If you have the sick days, use ‘em, People!

There is good news today! I was visiting Crazy Aunt Purl’s site and discovered that she wrote herself a book! It’s called ‘Drunk, Divorced and Covered In Cat Hair’ by Laurie Perry and is about her experiences after her divorce and how she started knitting to soothe her panicked soul. If it’s even a schmidge as hysterical as her blog, it will be worth its weight in gold! I can’t wait! And it’s scheduled to come out on October 15th! Happy Birthday to me!

I still haven’t taken a picture of Mr. Bee’s Maple Leaf socks but I will. It’s a really neat pattern where you make holes for a few rows and then pull loops through them to make a leaf pattern. I’m sure it would be easier to knit if I actually paid attention to what I was doing….but we all know that’s not how I roll! I started them at Knit Night because I thought the Branching Out scarf I was working on was too complicated to follow there. I am too much of a social butterfly to pay any sort of heed to a chart. I knit quite a bit on Friday night but the light of day proved that I didn’t do as well as I thought at it. The leaves turned out a lot like the ones on my ‘Violets by the River’ shawl; some had two petals, some had three, some had seven. By the end of the shawl class I was calling it the ‘Three Mile Island’ shawl because of its inherent genetic abnormalities. The maples leaves must have grown up in the same area because some of them were a little …unique…themselves. So I tore back almost all the way to the ribbing cuff (at least I did that right) and started again Saturday night. I have most of one leg done. Have to figure out a way to photograph it so that the leaves show….

Anyway, must get back to my duties. It’s Administrative Professional’s Week so I should at least look like I want to be here!


Elizabeth said...

People cite Branching Out as an "easy lace" project, but, you know, I really had to focus on that one. In my mind, an easy lace pattern always has the same number of stitches in every row and seldom has more than 4 different right side rows.

I find I cannot knit even something as simple as slip one, knit one for the heel flap of a sock if I'm chatting. I've never been a good multi-tasker.

peaknit said...

I am with you - kindred sicky spirit! What is this summer cold crap? Thanks for the head's up on the book - always looking for a new funny read - and if it's about knitting - winner!

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