Happy Birthday Mr. Bee!

YAY! It's Mr. Bee's birthday!!!!! He opened his gifts this morning. I got him a membership to Valley Of The Kings Large Cat Sanctuary and Retreat in Sharon, WI. They rescue tigers and lions and other large exotics from zoos and other places where they are mistreated or not properly taken care of. They live out the remainder of their lives being safe and cared for at the sanctuary.

Mr. Bee LOVES tigers. Now he can go visit them any weekend for the next year! They have work days when you can help with building pens etc. if you're interested or he can just visit. You can take friends and family with you. It's not open to the public unless you're a member. I've been so excited about this because not many folks seem to have heard about it and it's such a unique opportunity for him to get face time and help out with his favorite animals. We are going on Saturday to visit for the first time and see what it's all about. He was so happy he teared up. And around here it's not a successful birthday until someone cries! :-)

Tonight we are going to Takara birthday sushi for supper . Then I have to come home and tear out a large portion of the latest Branching Out scarf that I've been knitting because last night I had too many stitches, tore back a few rows and then restarted on the wrong row so I have about 5 rows with branches and leaves that look like they must have been planted really close to Chernobyl and then about 30 perfect rows after that. That's what you get for watching 'Bones' and knitting at the same time!


YarnThrower said…
Laughing out loud regarding your chernobyl comment! What a great idea for a gift for your hubby! Around here, we generally have tears on birthdays, too, but it is usualy because "he blurted me", or "he broke my new toy" (said with whiny voices).....
Mum said…
Hope Mr. Bee has a wonderful birthday and a fun Saturday. You certainly can think of unique gifts.
Sister Sue said…
Wow! What a cool gift. I would love to visit such a sanctuary. Have fun on Saturday! And Happy Day to Mr. Bee.
Cindy G said…
Hi Molly, just returning the visit, and wow I had no idea that big cat sanctuary even existed! What a neat gift. I love tiers, too.

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