Polite Puppies and B-Day Surprises

Since I joined the "Purling Puppies' web ring today, here is a gratuitous picture of Bentley practicing his 'Polite Puppies Wait To Be Invited To Go Outside' command. It just about kills him when he can hear other dogs and kids outside, but he does it! I wish you could hear the 'poor, pathetic, me' whining!

So I told Mr. Bee to keep this Saturday open; that we would be taking a trip for his birthday. I wouldn't tell him where or when or why-'cause it's a surprise. So he says to keep October 14th open because he 'already has my birthday present.' I mean it's cool that he thinks so far ahead, but to torture me with it for 6 months in advance seems a little mean! So I've been guessing (which is what he wants me to do) big things like my new car will be delivered to the house that day, or we will be jetting off to Ireland for a month. So far I haven't guessed it! ;-)

Watched 'Drive' on FOX last night. We've been looking forward to it since we saw the ads weeks ago. We are both HUGE Nathan Fillion fans. I was riveted for 2 hours and there is another hour on tonight. Doesn't get much better than that! It's a really smart show that makes you think. Not many of those on now. The other one we really like is Raines with Jeff Goldblum. We are going to tape a special on National Geographic tonight about a man who rehabilitates wolves. Supposedly he lives with them, acts like them and teaches them to survive in the wild.

Have been keeping tabs on the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech. On the way home to lunch I said to Mr. Bee, "They should be looking for a young Asian male. I don't know why, that's just what I see when I imagine how it happened." Sure enough, we get home and turn on MSNBC and find that the shooter was a young Asian male. Spooky. I've done this several times when big news stories hit-like the time when that mom said she'd been carjacked but had actually rolled her car into a lake with her two, toddler boys still in their car seats. I knew they were in the water. And when a UW student went missing this winter, I knew he was under the ice. Weird huh? Freaks Mr. Bee out that's for sure! Maybe I can tell him to stop teasing me...I already KNOW what my birthday gift is. Don't worry Mr. Bee. It doesn't work that way!

Talked to Mum back in Maine this noon. They are getting wet snow, sleet and slop...again. I really don't miss the long Maine winters. Wisconsin ones are enough thanks. I actually saw a neighbor guy out mowing his lawn yesterday. That wasn't such a big deal, it did need to be mowed. What was funny was watching him push his mower through the little piles snow that were still left on the shady side lawn! Now that's pushing spring! Funny how guys get so gung-ho to mow the first couple if times and then the novelty wears off and it's like pulling teeth by the end of the season!