At Last!!!

At last, spring has sprung. Yesterday it was 70°. Mr. Bee and I had the day off and we rambled far and wide in the beautiful spring weather. Our magnolia burst into bloom. All was well with the world.

I went to Knit Night at The Sow's Ear last night. It was jam packed. We all had a great time. There was a Knitters' Craft Fair in the back room that featured beautiful hand-made knitting baskets, jewelry, and gorgeous, glass, knitting needles. I didn't get any of the needles because with my penchant for throwing things. I figured they'd just make me even more of a danger to myself and others, but they were works or art that's for sure. A knitting friend said that they should be made into a beautiful mobile rather than be used for knitting!

I managed to stay up late with the big kids and got a huge chunk of Mr. Bee's boot socks done. I am using the Maple Leaf pattern from the Men Knits Winter 06 magazine. It's really that is to say.....handsome in every manly way. (Mr. Bee wouldn't stoop to wearing 'pretty' socks.) and easy to knit although there is an error in the pattern (omit row 17-It's an 18 row repeat-not a 19 row one). I'll try and get a photo of it for tomorrow's blog.

Mr. Bee and I are headed to the Lake Geneva area to see his lions and tigers. Hope to have pictures of them tomorrow too...


peaknits said…
I am sorry I missed late night knitting - I had to "save" my late night pass for tonight for a margarita - priorities I tell ya:) Glad you made great progress on your sock - can't wait to see them. Enjoy your trip over to Lake Geneva on this gorgeous spring day!
Elizabeth said…
Does Bentley get to go see the big cats, too?

I'm loving this weather. I even loosened up some sod for an area I'm going to put a flower and herb bed in.