Thursday, April 05, 2007

Small Small World

A new guy started at work today. I found out he was from Maine so I went over to introduce myself. He's originally from Iowa but we both attended UMO and he stayed on for seven years. I told him that I was from The County. Turns out he worked at the greenhouses that are right next to my Mum's house. How cool is that! It really is a small world!

Made me a little homesick though so I dug out my new favorite cookbook 'Recipes from a Small Island'. It's by Linda Greenlaw. She was the swordfish boat captain from the book/movie "A Perfect Storm. She lives on Isle Au Haut, Maine now and she and her mum wrote this cookbook together. I scrounged up all of the ingredients and rationed out one of my tins of Maine blueberries and made the blueberry cupcakes with lemon glaze. They smell heavenly. Mr. Bee had his gaming group, The Noisy Boys, over tonight, so as soon as they cool, I will take some down to the depths of their basement lair and try them out on them. Will let you know the reviews!

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YarnThrower said...

Nice to have coincidences like that in life, eh?! Your muffins sound yummy! My dh and I honeymooned in Maine, and we loved it so much that we want to take our boys there. So beautiful!

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