Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hard Old Day

Today is a hard day. My Dad died of cancer on April 1, 1999. Most of the time it seems 100 years ago, but on April 1st and November 1st (his b-day) it seems like yesterday and all the old feelings come back; good and bad. I miss him terribly. Cancer is a horrible, evil, awful thing. No one should have to go through that-ever.

Horrendous storms rolled through last night spawning tornadoes. I hate when they come at night. If you can see it coming it's not so scary somehow. Thank goodness for the advances in weather technology. Our local news guy can pinpoint bad weather to street level but the nighttime ones are still the worst for me. One of the tornadoes last night was about 10 minutes away.

Today is cold and windy and rainy to make the day even more bleak, so I decided to clean my quilt room and work a little more on my Eleanor Burns quilt. It's from her Quilts For All Seasons Book. It's still in progress so forgive the wrinkles. It gets pretty mussed up due to all of the hand work. There are cardinal blocks which are appliqued and hand embroidered and pieced pine tree blocks.

My quilt room is in the basement and it's dark out today as well, but people have learned not to expect stellar photos from me by now haven't you?

Also here is a photo of one the sucky socks I finally finished. I'm almost through the leg on the other one. I couldn't nail down the stripe pattern either. It's not regular so I can't make identical socks. They will be really fraternal.


YarnThrower said...

Your quilting project looks great, and I think the quality of your pictures is just fine -- especially when I compare them to my half-fast snap shots! Perfect day to be quilting in the basement! It's not like you are missing out on any sunshine!

I'm so sorry for your loss.

peaknits said...

Gosh, it is so tough to lose someone so special. I am glad you have today to think about him and maybe remember some of the good times you had together.

The weather was freaky last night, it kind of pooped out by you before it got to me - but just barely. My sewing. craft room is in the basement too - hard to be down there a dungeon:) But I was down there too - must be this gloomy weather.

Mum said...

I really love your quilt blocks.

As for April 1... Always everything there is a season and we have to believe that there is a master plan.

Helen said...

I lost my dad to leukemia in late April 1999. I miss him every day. So good thoughts to you, Molly Bee. May peace be with you.

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