Book Recommendations

I got the most fascinating book from the library tonight. I've skimmed it and am now settling down to really get into it. It is Traditional Knitting by Michael Pearson. It's out of print now I think and it looks like used copies online are pretty spendy. I am fortunate to have stumbled on it at the library. Pearson traveled all around the remote fishing villages of Eastern Scotland, and Northern England to document traditional knitting patterns. The book is full of wonderful history and photos of gansey and Fair Isle patterns. If you are intereted in ganseys (my new pet interest) this is a definite read. Not sure how reliable it would be in the way of the patterns but the history is amazing!

In the fiction realm, I am almost finished with Spin by Robert Charles Wilson. I'm not a SciFi fan per se, but this is a GREAT book. It's futuristic earth so there are no funky aliens from weird planets in imaginary galaxies or fairies riding unicorns or anything. I have just sucked this book down. I highly recommend checking Amazon to at least read the blurb about it. Really good!

Next up is a book called 'I, Mona Lisa'. Sounds facinating!


YarnThrower said…
Hmmm... I might have to put a hold request on that Traditional Knitting book.... Don't worry -- I'll wait a few weeks so that if you want to renew it, you'll be able to :-)
Victoria said…
The book looks great since I'm of Scottish decent. Interesting ideas here.

Love the blog and Yay for Maine soon!!