WIPs and Swag

Partook in a little retail therapy yesterday to ease my blue mood. The multicolored lovelies are going to be socks, as is the yummy, purple lusciousness in the middle. The pale pink silk is going to be another Branching Out Scarf.

I am really hooked on that pattern. Here is another one in progress. (Unblocked)

And here is a fuzzy shot of my Pembrokshire Pathways sock. How do you other bloggers get such crisp closeups??? You can't really appreciate the pattern unless it's stretched out a little though. There are rows of eyelets in between the big and little cables. I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding the heel pattern. Will take it to Knit Night tomorrow night and see if anyone can help me decipher it. Probably over thinking it, but the division of top and heel stitches aren't coming out right


YarnThrower said…
Your new yarn is gorgeous! I love those colors! Good luck with the heel on your sock.
Elizabeth said…
One way to get crisp close-ups is to use a macro or super-macro setting on your camera. But if the flash is washing everything out, I get better results standing back and zooming in. Then, I crop away everything else.

Nice WIPs there!
peaknits said…
I just loved the Pembrokeshires - I found the heel division weird too - had to read it out loud and do it wrong at least once. I get crisper pictures either outside or by a window using as much natual light as possible.