Flying Lessons

It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise. Lots of sun and 50° temps. That was a good thing, because neither Mr. Bee nor myself could stand being in the house with the Wee Doggie gone. For such a little feller, he sure left a big space in the house and a big hole in our hearts.

We toyed with the idea of getting another dog right away. We went to PetSMART where they have local humane societies come in on Saturdays with some of their adoptable pets. The first dog we met was ‘Amigo’ a HUGE bloodhound. She wasn’t what we were looking for at all, but I can’t resist a fuzzy face, so I got down on my knees and she came right over and tucked her face under my arm and just snuggled. We asked the ladies there about her and then I asked them if we could take her for a short walk.

If you would like to experience flight by non-mechanical means, I highly advise taking an 80 pound bloodhound on a ‘short stroll’ down the dog food aisle at PetSMART. The minute I said, ‘Let’s go” she put her nose to the ground and took off like she was powered by some kind of super rocket fuel. I thought my arm was going to separate from it’s socket. Then my feet left the linoleum and I found myself sailing past the cases of Alpo at an alarming rate of speed. Thank goodness she found her brand of choice about half way down the aisle and stopped so I could regroup a little. I got my feet under me. Pulled myself together and foisted the leash off on the nearest innocent bystander, Mr. Bee, and said, “Here, you wanna give it a try?”

Now Mr. Bee is not a fragile man. He is 6’6” tall and ruggedly built. But Amigo managed to jerk, dislodge and drag him down the floor while he was still in the “Ummmm…” phase of forming his reply. As strong as she was and as fast as she went, it was a good thing she had ADD and stopped about every half an aisle so we could finally get her turned around and get her back to the front of the store where we got her. After the slow moving, twelve pound, Wee Doggie, this was a little too much dog for us! We soon decided and agreed on what we knew from the start.; that another pup right away was not going to fill the void that Wee Doggie left, so we stopped looking for now.

On Sunday we went Geocaching in the morning and to the zoo in the afternoon. Vilas Zoo has done a lot of revamping since I was last there and the new exhibits look great! When we got home I took another walk before the sun went down. It has been such a loooooong winter. I just couldn’t bear to miss a minute of the sun and warmth. The robins were out in full force as were all of the neighbors. Just the cure I needed for my cabin fever and to ease the blues a little.

Couldn’t get it together to knit at all this weekend although we watched tv both evenings. I started another Branching Out scarf about 10 times with 3 different yarns but just couldn’t get in the groove so ripped it all out. I think now that it’s warmer, I will try and get back down in my quilt room. I’ve got the itch to finish a couple of projects I’ve got going down there; a pine tree and cardinal quilt from Elizabeth Burns and a miniature paper-pieced flying geese quilt. We’ll see. Just taking things from hour to hour at this point.


peaknits said…
I can see the scene of you and your husband being dragged by this delightful hound:) I have a golden retreiever/ chow mutt who loves to take me for a "ride" at any opportunity - so much for Petsmart puppy school:) We lost our longtime chow chow companion - and learned it is important to really find a guy that's going to fit in with the family, chows are known for being tempermental though ours wasn't. We first adopted through s rescue, a GIANT german sheperd who wanted to be a 100 pound purse for me, little over zealous for mama - so we sadly gave her to a more fitting family. Then through I found a lovely "chowish" looking retriever personality'd fella who turned into a sweetbaby, loaf of a a dog! It was karma! Best of luck on your search - you will always love wee doggie best. Losing our chow Fozzy was hard, I was a mess but I can smile now when I think of his quirky habits and cat-like qualities. I ramble, I feel a kindred spirit with pet parents mourning such a difficult loss. My first babies had four legs.