Mooowaaaa!! Right On The Lips!

Maybe it’s spring fever or something but I don't know what has gotten into me! Yesterday I proposed marriage to poor Jerry over at When Knitting Was A Manly Art even though I know that polygamy is all kinds of wrong both legally and morally. I got weak in the knees when drooling over the picture perfect pastries he made and asked him to cook for me forever. (I say polygamy rather than leaving Mr. Bee because I’ve gotta believe that if he got an eyeful of that chocolate extravaganza he would give me the go ahead!)

Today it's The Dog Whisperer. I'd kiss him right on the lips if I could. I read his book and his psychology is working wonders with Bentley. I can't believe how I've done everything 'wrong' all these years with regards to greeting and training dogs. It's a totally different story once you see things from their point of view. It's amazing the transformation it makes in their behavior. I really like being the assertive alpha dog and Ben seems to like being the submissive obeying one. I wear the pants and he doggie drools on 'em! What a team! Cesar Millan is my hero!

Bentley and I had a kind of rough day today though. He has pinkeye and I lost a chunk of my bottom front tooth so we both had to go to the doctor. Both of us felt the same way about it although Bentley was probably less grumpy and more gracious than I was about the whole thing. My dentist cheerily greeted me and asked me how I was doing and I found myself snapping, “Better earlier today when I still had all my teeth!” Then again, sunny greeting or not, Ben got a boatload of Pupperoni treats and me? Not even a free toothbrush! Probably the dentist figured that at the rate I’ve been going lately it wouldn’t be long before my teeth were in a glass beside the bathroom sink anyway so why bother!

But after all of the trauma of having our mouths, ears and eyes poked and prodded we both came home and had a nice long walk and that always cures what ails ya. I also finished my blue Branching Out scarf just in time for a friend’s birthday so the day ended on a high note. Now it’s off to bed. Our 5:00 AM walk comes awful early now that it’s still dark out!


Elizabeth said…
Oh, did you get a crown? I got my first crown a couple weeks ago. It was a drag.

I'm glad you and Bently are coming to an understanding.
Jerry said…
No need for marriage, young lady..

Just give me an address and I'll ship sweet somethings to you.. ;-)
peaknit said…
I hate the dentist - nothing personal but everything that happens there is a drag! 5 am walks!? You are a what every dog-owner should be - and it is awful dark out there - I dread this in-between, right after daylight savings time. It is nice when the evenings are more light, but getting up is already hard enough without it feeling like midnight...