They're Water Lilies Damn It!

Our company had an Employee Art Show that started in December and ran until yesterday. One employee makes beautiful enameled jewelry. I coveted a necklace for the whole three months that it was downstairs. I finally bought it for myself yesterday before it disappeared from my life forever. It is a silver medallion with green and purple enamel and three squiggly cuts leading up to tear shaped holes in the bottom that reminded me of water Lilly buds rising from the surface of the lake where my Aunt and Uncle have a camp in Maine. I put it on immediately. I spent a couple of minutes in the rest room admiring my beautiful Water Lilly necklace. I went up to my department and met Dr. S. He took one look at my necklace and said, “Why does your necklace have sperm on it?” Heavy sigh. What do I see when I look in the mirror now? What were once three delicate Water Lilly buds reaching from the depths of the green water toward the sun are now three wriggling spermatozoa swimming towards my chin. Sometimes I hate working with scientists.

Color bad, but you get the idea!


YarnThrower said…
Ewwww, sorry they ruined the image for you! If it makes you feel any better, I made a pair of sailboat socks from a Blackberry Ridge kit, and every time I look at them it reminds me of somebody "whipping the finger".....
Elizabeth said…
Yes, and Yarnthrower so kindly pointed out to me that a motif I used in a fair isle vest in the fall looked like the Green Bay Packers logo!

Wear the water lilies with pride and if anyone calls them sperm again, tell them to get their minds out of the gutter.
Elizabeth said…
Oh, now I can see why she said that. Hmmm. Take the moral high ground and just sputter that you can't imagine why she would say such a thing, while looking very affronted!

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