Nod Fair

I have a cold. My nose is stuffy, my eyes feel ready to burst, my throat is killing me and I don't have much, if any, voice. It's been a week. I am ready to be over this. But all people get colds and I understand that. I, however, do think I should get some special consideration for having to put up with the flak I have to take from my family of 'friends' who delight in making fun of my misery.

Yesterday, I went through Culver's drive though with a friend to get supper. You order at the outside speaker, pull around to the window on the side of the building, they give you your drink and a plastic doohickey with your number on it to put on your window. Then they ask you to pull ahead and in a couple of minutes they bring your food out, match it to the doohickey and trade you for it. It all went swimmingly until I pulled ahead and realized that the guy hadn't given me a plastic doohickey, but I figured they'd sort it out. I was right, pretty soon a lady comes out with our supper. I explain that we don't have the plastic thing, and since it's a local high school tradition to STEAL the little numbers, she hesitates and looks at me funny before begrudgingly  handing us out take away bags.

ME : She thinks I stole the number. (which sounds like 'She tinks I tole her dumber' because of the stupid cold.)
FRIEND: She thinks you sold her dumper?
ME:No! She thinks I stole the number.
FRIEND: Sold her dumpster?
ME: No! The number! The number! You know, Number 1, Number 2, Number 3
FRIEND: *Laughs hysterically* I know, I just like making you repeat it because you just sound so stupid!
ME: Id's nod fuddy.

Today I posted on Facebook that I was miserable and needed a hug.  My darling cousin said that she would give me one but I sounded too gross...Le sigh!

With friends like these....


Charlotte said…
HUG TO YOU!!!! Thank you for making my day!!! I am sure the giggle will last all day.