INKtober 6-13

This week's drawings were supposed to be a departure from my usual drawings, and they were for the most part. I tried to be conscious about not putting that diagonal band in every one. But mostly they came from a nightmarish place of oxygen deprivation and cold medicine

'Michael Likes Flamingos' 
Had a piece of pink card stock. Had recently been to the zoo with friends. Michael was looking for flamingo feathers outside the enclosure. He said he already had two. It had never occurred to me to look for them before. I will now! The game is on!

I kind of like this one, I must have had a moment of clarity.

Oh I wish I could!

Bookmark. Didn't shade it. Too drugged.

What?!? Totally phoned this one in.

Tried to make up for the 'cheater' ones. Wish I had been more conscious of the empty space on the left and right of the diamond-way uneven.

This was my head yesterday before I got the really good drugs-sharp pointed edges in an airless vacuum. 

Hopefully next week's pieces will be a little more thought out  and coherent!


Michelle said…
I think the drugs bring out your talent! Love 'em!