Birthday Surprise and Spooky Zen Class

I got the loveliest birthday gift this year. Those of you playing along at home know that I was recently reunited with four birth siblings earlier this year. Unfortunately but fortunately, we found each other through youngest sister, Shelly's obituary but I was thrilled to meet, Doris, Dina and Dan when I was home this summer. We've stayed close by phone and online but I was totally not expecting the gift they sent. It was a box with an 'open this end' message written on it. Inside was a note that said, "Give the dog and cat their presents and open the tissues, then open the next three boxes in order." Sure enough there was a jingle ball for Cooper (which he immediately picked up and disappeared with) and a pull rope for Ben (which he settled down to blissfully chew) and a box of Kleenex.

The next three boxes contained 48 birthday cards; one for every birthday we have spent apart. Dina took ages one through 17. Some cards were homemade and some were age appropriate kid's cards and they each had cool messages about what would have been going on in my life during that age. (You're 13. Did you get your ears pierced? You're 15. Did you pass driver's ed?) Doris took 18-31. Each card was handmade with love and so beautiful.  Dan took 32-48 and hand painted them and added rhymes. He also painted me a wee lighthouse necklace that is adorable.  He made me laugh by saying' Sorry this is late' on almost every card! I laughed and sobbed through opening all of the cards. Thank goodness they included the Kleenex! I still can't believe how lucky I am to have such sweet siblings in my life! The box also included birthday cards for this year from all three including one from beautiful niece, Rebekka.

I received many other gifts and cards from friends and family today. Sometimes I feel so alone, everyone does, but days like today make me I realize that  I am blessed with an embarrassing wealth of love and support in my life. I am truly humbled.

I took Katie Butler's Halloween Zentangle class last night. I was on the bubble all day about whether to drag my lovely snot-filled self out in public but decided at the last minute that I felt OK enough to go. I'm so glad I did. She had us do a spiderweb project with lots of patterns I'd never used before.
I wish the picture had come out better. I took it after dark and got a lot of bounce from the Zenstone shading. Once we got tangling, the time just flew and I got lost in it and forgot all about not feeling well for a bit.Guess I must be on the mend!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made my birthday special! I love you all!


Dan Fraser said…
Hey Molly B glad you got the cards on time. lol We are also blessed to have you as family. now my birthday is next... No pressure... Bahahaha...Snort...
Sara said…
Aw. Now you went and made Me cry. What a lovely tribute to the sister that you are! I'm so happy for all of you...
And that ZIA is awesome. I wish that I had been able to come with you.
Michelle said…
What an incredibly thoughtful gift of time, talent and love you got from your siblings! Your post gets the feel-good award of the day, that's for sure; I'm so happy for you!

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