There is an challenge afoot called INKtober. The challenge is to create an ink drawing every day for the month of October. No rules or parameters other than that. Then you post it on Facebook with #INKtober and that's it.  I decided to use these as a way to build up my giveaway tiles for RAZ (Random Acts of Zentangle). Here are my entries for the first week (Tuesday October 1-Sunday October 5).

October 1 (This one uses OBAD-my newest tangle pattern )

October 2
Tried white ink on black paper. I like it for lines but not for heavily shaded areas as you can't get complete coverage. I used a Jelly Roll. Maybe I should have used my white Sharpie?

October 3
This one is OK, but I could have done more with the shading. Also, shouldn't have put an aura around it. Should of made the background go right under it. 

October 4
I use NZepple (Pattern in upper left) way to much!

October 5
Different positioning of Obad and use of a variation my tangle EWAU in the lower left corner. 
Hate the entire middle bit. Like the background though. It was one of the tiles I dyed at the Zentangle Symposium this past summer. 

I originally wanted to put each day's doodle into a weekly post just to keep track of them, but seeing them all together like this has been very beneficial to me. For instance, I can see that almost all of my tangles have some kind of design going bottom left to upper right that breaks up the tile. This is completely subconscious on my part. I'd like to think it's an indicator of optimism but in reality, it's just sloppy, lazy and stale and I need to be more creative about the overall design of my tiles. 

I also need broaden my 'stable' of patterns. I tend to use some like Nzepple and Hybrid, very frequently. Again, this is lazy and I need to dig out my resources and 'learn' more patterns and stop playing favorites!

So this first week, in addition to being fun, has been a great learning tool and encourages me to branch out more creatively for the rest of the challenge. Onward to Week Two!


J L Johnson said…
Your tiles are great. Sometimes we do tend to do things without thinking about it.