Inktober 14-19

Here's the stuff I did for last week's INKtober entries.

Most of my stuff is little so I can leave it places for my Random Acts of Zentangle or Art Abandonment groups, but this first one is 12" x 12". I made it in Katie Butler's Halloween Zentangle class over at Lynn's Craft Shop in Madison. Katie is an awesome teacher with lots of fun idea for Zentangle Inspired Art. This was all white ink on black paper and then highlighted with Zen Stone which is a soft mineral stone. Therefore, I got a ton of weird glare when I took this photo. Come of it showed up like up at the top and some didn't show up at all, like at the bottom. I guess that makes it more spooky.  I like to work on 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper because it's so inexpensive and easy to frame. 

I found a couple more little scraps of the paper I dyed last spring.  This quote has been bouncing around in my head for a while and I had wanted to try the border motif which I saw elsewhere on line but I can't remember where. The result was this  little piece to leave somewhere. I like the border design but not the lettering. 

Here's a dragonfly I kind of like, but again it's tiny-in the neighborhood of 4" or so. I like that I got the shading almost right. 

Still thinking about the drop shading and the way light hits things to make shadow, I experimented a little more. This is a regulation sized Zentangle tile. I wish I hadn't added the tacks to the corners and made it more of a 'pillow' than a 'poster'.

More with the shading. I don't know why I can't leave the background black, I always have to add stars. 

This one is my least favorite of the week. The more I fiddled with the shadows the worse it got. Plus the photo is really messed up due to the glare of the excessive amounts of graphite I pushed around. It's not all gray and blurry in real life. 

So I spent another week trying and learning new things. There are only a couple of my famous 'Miss Optimistic America Diagonal Bottom Left To Upper Right' banners kicking around in these. And they aren't obvious so I'm pretty happy about it. Lots more to learn about shading. I'm finding it interesting so I'm guessing my pieces this week may be more 3D-ish . I'm really enjoying this INKtober challenge. It's really  pushing my comfort zone!

In a side note, when I leave Random Acts of Zentangle in public places, I put a note on the back that says what it is and that the person can take it.. yadda yadda. Then I've set up a gmail account just for them so I leave the address and a note that says that if they would like to tell me where they found it, to feel free to contact me. I got my first contact last week! We chatted back and forth a little and she was looking for info on learning Zentangling herself. I lured another one over to the dark side! Mmmmwhahahahah!