Diva Challenge: Betweed

This week's Diva Challenge 191 is a monotangle.  You can only use the tangle pattern 'Betweed'.

I was kind of rushed since I also had to make deviled eggs for tonight's Halloween Pot Luck so the shading is all wonky.  I used my new Helix Angle and Circle maker tool for the first time and can see lots of potential once I learn to use it correctly. Look at the second circle from the left on the top.  
Helix Angle And Circle Protractor - Plastic - Assorted (HLX36002)

[Who can't make a circle with a plastic tool shaped like an actual circle designed to make actual circles? *Waves hand wildly in the air* Me! Me!]

The tangle was fun to do. I used Betweed quite a lot in my other tangles. But I'm not happy with the overall design since it was so rushed. The deviled eggs came out much better!

Happy Halloween!!!


Pretty tangled circles of betweed, and the deviled eggs are awesome, and look so good!
Megan Hitchens said…
I like it. And honestly, the pattern itself disguises the wonky circle. I wouldn't have seen if you hadn't have said :) And the eggs are wonderful too
Lori Byerly said…
I love your circles. I never would have thought to do that. (Yay, circle makers!) My husband loves olives. I think there will be a few of those cute deviled eggs showing up at my house.
I do like this tile, we both worked in circles. Your eggs look stunning.
Tangle Bright said…
Wow! I really love your tile. The eggs are very cute, too! Looks like you had fun creating both pieces of art! :)

Happy Tangling,