Diva Challenge 190:Pink For Ardath

This week's 'Diva Challenge' was to use pink for breast cancer. Laura's (the Diva) grandmother passed last year of bc and I've had several friends who have fought the battle. I'm happy to say that the majority of them won the war but sadly not all. Cancer in ANY form is a horrendous disease. It affects not only the person fighting it but everyone who loves them.  I know this design isn't technically a 'Zentangle' but the first thing that came to mind was a butterfly for hope that one day, hopefully soon, no one will have to ever deal with this horror again!

I also submitted this doodle for my INKtober entry because I didn't have as much time to draw as I thought last night and didn't get a chance to make two designs. I looked out my window at suppertime and the neighborhood was full of smoke. I heard LOTS of sirens so I put on my jacket and sneaks and went to see what was going on.  So did the rest of my neighborhood. I've never seen the sidewalks so crowded. About a block and a half diagonally from my house there was a huge house fire. My neighbors and I watched helplessly as one of our own lost everything in the span of 20 minutes. The house is a total loss but although there were a couple of injuries the four adults in the house got out safely.  The lesson is that we never know when we wake up in the morning, what the day holds. Be present, be careful and cherish every 'good' moment you have-even the ho hum ones, because you never know when everything will go up in smoke, 

Here is the news story:


Anoeska said…
Kia said…
love your butterfly with the pink ribbon. Sending thoughts to your neighbours for their horrendous loss
Your tile is very beautiful; your story about the fire is not. Loosing everything, especially memories that cannot be bought again, must be devastating.
Ilse said…
Beautiful butterfly!