INKtober 20-26

This is an archive of my entries for INKtober last week:

I've had a rough sketch of this idea sitting around for a while so I finally decided to tackle it. It might lend itself to being a bigger version with some color in the future.  It was drawn as a RAZ to leave for someone to find. 

This one was submitted to the Diva Challenge for breast challenge even though it isn't very Zentangley, it's very pink! I'm digging my new Jelly Roll pens. I see now that I need to fix the tail wings up a bit!

I had seen images similar to these on tattoo sites on line so I combined two of my favorite on a piece of paper I dyed last spring. I like it and think I will try to do a bigger version on a pretty piece on scrap book paper.

Found a 'How to Draw a Cat' tutorial on line and decided to give it a whirl. don't think that this  Zepple variation (the background pattern) works very well on an arced grid. The background was hand dyed. This will be an RAZ.

This was just a little guy done on a scrap of hand-dyed. I made him as an RAZ to leave in the children's section of the library. The little goober-men are from a book on 3 D drawing by Mark Kistler.

This piece is on a 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper. The frogs are tribal tattoo patterns. The color didn't really come out in this pic; it's actually more mottled spring green than mint.  It was a b-day gift for a friend .

Fiddled around a bit with Joann Finks 'Zenspiration' book. It's clear that I can't draw a straight line. If I wanted to do this technique for anything but practice, I'll have to use a graph or a ruler, but it was fun to work all the little bits and bobs in! And I like the hand dyed background on the tile. It will be an RAZ .

So that's it for this week. Only 5 more days to go!


Betsy Wilson said…
Wow! What a RAZ! And I love the frogs. It's ALL good!