Squee! I'm A Big Weeeeenerrrrr!

Y'all know what a big fan I am of Laura Harm's website 'I Am The Diva'. She's the one that posts the weekly Zentangle Challenges that I LOVE. A few weeks ago she had a drawing for one of Carol Ohl's 'Tangle*A*Day calendars.  Carol is a CZT who has a wonderful blog as well called Open Seed Arts.  I received the calendar in the mail yesterday along with a beautiful Zentangle Thank You card from Laura. Her own design of course!

The calendar contains a space each day for you to tangle. I was busy spinning and finishing up a work project last night and couldn't sit down to fill the space for the 6th. It was torture. I could barely contain myself!  I set my alarm a little early this morning so I could do today's.  
Squeeeee! It was so much fun. I can't wait to see what it looks like when the entire calendar is all filled in! [Leave it to me to jump the gun! One down..364 to go!] It will make a great reference for choosing patterns for future projects. That's my main issue with tangling right now. I have a few patterns that I love and use over and over.  There are thousands of great patterns out there but I can't remember to use them so need lots of 'reminder' reference guides.

I'm hoping my memory issues are a result of my ADD and inherent flighty-ness and not anything more serious! I found this picture on Pinterest and it seemed very apropos to my life these days.

Seriously.  Every damn time...

Oh well, there are worse things than ending up Zentangling in a corner of The Home I guess! Until they cart me off, I look forward to each new calendar space to fill in with tangles!


Barb said…
Anxiously awaiting your daily masterpieces. Gotta go now. I am going to spin today; no wait, knit; uhmm, maybe finish the Square Foot Garden book and order seeds....then there is the trip to the local co-op....wait, I was going to warp the rigid heddle loom today....

You want to send me the goldfish download?????

Anonymous said…
OMG I think that 'cartoon' was made by me....I seriously do that!LOL!!!

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