Busy Weekend

My weekend started off great. I went to see Gaelic Storm at the Barrymore. I'd never been to the Barrymore before and it was a kick. There is no assigned seating and everyone can just stand up, dance, crowd the stage etc. It was more like a house party than any concert I'd ever been too. I got a preemo seat about halfway up just to the right and behind the sound guy. Ryan, Gaelic Storm's drummer extrordinaire, came up to the sound booth before the show to set up a camcorder and asked me to watch it for him a couple of times while he ran to get tape etc. Squee! Brush with greatness!

The concert was 3 hours long and it just flew by. 3 hours to drool over my favorite bagpiper, Pete Purvis. That boy can play! Also, I got to hear a song that I've never heard before called ' The Night I Punched Russell Crowe'.  The link takes you to a video done in Legos. It's based on a 19.5% true story that happened to Patrick Murphy, the lead singer of GS, when he was a bar tender in Santa Monica.

On Saturday I did chores including getting some more spinning done. This is 50% Bert (sheep) and 50% Mick (llama) from Heartland. It is soft and light as a feather! 

I dropped by Heartland Saturday afternoon to pick up veggie bins. No one else was around and Eddie and his harem were out walking freely in the barn. I came down the stairs and opened the gate. Before I could turn around and close the gate, Eddie and Esme jumped me. They each untied one of my shoes and Eddie grabbed my jacket zipper and ripped it all within 15 seconds. I'm not sure if they were trying to kill and eat me, or just disrobe me and make me die of the embarrassment of driving home nekked! I finally got hold of a rake and put some distance between us and was fine after that. 
Sunday morning at the farm has hard. It had rained for about 24 hours and we had gotten over an inch of new water. A leaky roof,  flooded stalls and snow sliding off the roof all had to be dealt with in addition to trying to do our normal chores on the ice and in the mud.

Some animals, like Amy the Sheep, embraced the gloomy 40 degree temps. 

Others, like Lily Pig-Pig, embraced their warm blankets and snuggled in for the day! I gotta tell ya,  I'm with Lilly Pig-Pig on this one!

The weekend ended with cooking a pork roast, yam and summer squash supper and  baking two loaves of artisan bread. I exchanged a loaf with new neighbor, John,  for a sampling of his scalloped potatoes and ham.  Worked out so well that I may start a building food co-op! Everyone cooks one thing on Sunday and  exchanges a Tupperware full of it with the others-variety AND not having to cook most of the week.



Barb said…
Were you on the "I brought the Whiskey" side or the "She brought the Light" side????? That drummer....swoon and that bagpiper....swoon again. Love those guys. I've seen them three times and NEVER tire of their performances They just have such a good time.