Weekly Challenge #110: "Get Rid Of The Box"

This week's Diva Challenge was to 'Get Rid Of The Box'.  What this meant was left up to your own interpretation; using a technique or medium you don't usually use, tangling on something you normally wouldn't tangle on, etc. Those of you who know me, know that I am a sheep. I am a Follower Of The Rules. I like boundaries and when they aren't there, I tend to hyperventilate, swoon dramatically and then  pass out in a heap.  So here is my interpretation of Tangling Outside of the Box.  I...uh...well...I tangled the outside of a box.

 Side one with MY tangle "Whittier" in the upper right.  That's my churches ceiling tiles!
 Side Two
 Side Three
Side 4

So there you have it.  Way to think outside (but squished right up next to) the box, Molly Bee!


Bessamy said…
Absolutely beautiful! What a treasure!
Lisa Richards said…
FANTASTIC! I love that you made a tangle from your church's ceiling tiles! Very fun interpretation of working outside the box. You do beautiful work. ;)
ledenzer said…
What a lucky box! We usually think of a box being square or rectangular....I am so glad you found a round and it is gorgeous!
tanglewithlinda said…
Your round box is so pretty. Working on curved surfaces is hard, and you did an amazing job.
Janet said…
I love the way you adorned stircles! Very cool.
Chrissie said…
You have done a lovely job of your box.
Karen Lynn said…
What a fabulous box! And what a creative solution to the challenge. I love it.
Janet said…
I must find a box to tangle - you have inspired me!
This box has become beautiful.
Sue said…
A Very Beautiful Box, indeed! You've done a wonderful job, and I laughed at your blog... I too am a follower of rules and like boundaries. I love your literal take!
Tangle Bright said…
Wow - I love the lid to your box especially the way you drew Crescent Moon! Thanks for the inspiration.

The pictures of the farm are great, too!

Keep smiling,

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