Diva Challenge # 111: Mooka Monotangle

This week's Diva's Challenge was a rough one for me. I use the tangle pattern 'Mooka' quite often but never just by itself (called a 'monotangle' in zen-speak) and never very much of it. I tend to have difficulty using any one pattern alone. This coupled with the fact that Maria Thomas, calligrapher, artist and one half of the duo who came up with Zentangling is the mistress of the smooth curve and has amazing Mooka pieces out there  makes me realize that I am I decidedly, am not the queen of anything Mookalike. I'm not happy with the results, but I made a vow to post the first one I do no matter what.  And the 'what' that happened this time was Mooka Madness:
It was supposed to be Mookas inside of larger Mookas and then single ones around the edged but it ended up a muddled mess.

I think I'll admit defeat where Mooka is concerned and go back to the 12x12 piece that I'm working on right now. It's kind of Industrial or Steampunkey or something I can't quite put my finger on, but I'm having fun with it. It's on a piece or bright yellow with light orange marbeling  scrapbook paper. 
The one that shows the color doesn't show the detail and the one that shows the detail doesn't show the color. Story of my life.

This pic came out crappy and it doesn't really show the detail either but you get the general drift. Haven't decided what's going in the circles yet. Maybe cogs or wheels of some sort. I'll post an update when I have more done or when it's finished.

Thanks for such a challenging challenge this week Diva!


SarahD said…
Wow! Both works are great, but I LOVE the Mooka piece! It is balanced somewhere between symmetry and asymmetry, and the depth and layers and shading are great. I could spend hours following its overlapping lines. Spectacular! Love it, love it, love it :)
Traci Frogley said…
I think your Mooka Monotangle is divine! I love your other piece too by the way.
Donald Wilka said…
Both look great. Mooka is pretty versatile so can really interweave them a lot. Like the bigger piece as well. Is the one a variation of etcher?
Tangle Bright said…
I love the peaceful flow of your Mooka and it would be easy to gaze at it for a long time! Your other piece definitely seems like Steampunk and it's very nice, too!

Love your Mooka Challenge, your line work in phenominal on both!
ledenzer said…
Inspirations of beauty every where I look!
Shelly Beauch said…
There is magic in your mooka!
Your mooka piece really speaks to me. I like what you did with the other pieces as well. I like the circles.
I LOVE your Mooka! It makes me think of an ornate screen. Beautiful.
Michelle said…
I LIKE the first one; I think the second one looks very Escher-like.
Didisch said…
Beautiful mooka tile. Looks like a wrought iron frame to me. The shading is outstanding in this tile.
distangleart said…
Your Mooka Madness is sensational and unique, quite beautiful. I also love the other piece you are working on. I find them both great.
I think your Mooke is GREAT! I also like the other one very much and about the wheels, you could consider leaving them open.
Helen said…
I think your mooka is beautiful! Your other piece is gorgeous - I actually love the negative space of the empty circles.
Sue said…
I love the roundness of your mooka - it's very beautiful.
Barbara Geer said…
I love the mooka tile. You did a great job with shading.

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