Diva's Weekly Challenge #108: UMT v. XIV "Whyz"

This week's challenge was to use  a tangle pattern that Jane MacKugler, CZT, created, called 'Whyz'. (You can see her direction on how to draw it here.)
It's a cool pattern because, depending on shading and placement, it can look like a completely different pattern, kind of like some quilt blocks do. It's in the upper left corner on my tile. I think it looks like twisted spools when done thisall in the same direction and shaded this way.

I am enjoying doing the challenges on official -zed Zentangle tiles. It takes about 15 minutes or so and it really relaxing to do during my lunctime; a much needed mini pick-me-up in the middle of the day.  Thanks Jane for the great pattern and as always, Diva, for the challenge!


ledenzer said…
A glorious tile!
Beautiful; I love Purk in it.
Beautiful tile, your shading is wonderful!
Ronnie said…
Great tile! Love the tangles you used and how you put them to paper.
Chrissie said…
Lovely tile, lots of tangles all blending together so well.
Gloria said…
Holy Moley! 15 minutes! It takes me sometimes an hour and a half to do a tile! Wow! I am impressed with your shading, too. Very pretty tile.
Lila Popcheff said…
Fantastic! and all in 15 mins :) I spend my lunchbreaks tangling too :)
Helen said…
Very nice :)

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