Wanna know what scares a Bentley? Well, besides swooping blue herons? And fluttering garden flags? And Bob the Maintenance Man? And the dark?


We walked by this Halloween display yesterday and the wind was blowing the robes around. Ben did his usual duck and cover move, hackles raised and then just howled to the sky like a wolf. Never seen him do that before! And then he didn't want to walk past it even though it was on the other side of the street! Don't know if he's seen the movie 'Scream' too many times or has a problem with big plywood pumpkins, but this totally freaked him out. It was so funny, we walked the same route today. Same thing! Don't call the Humane Society! Starting tomorrow I will alter out route until after All Hallow's Eve!

Know what scares me? This!

Trailer hitch cover in the Walmart parking lot in Maine.


Cindy G said…
I think they're both scary!

That trailer hitch cover - wtf? It is just wrong on so many levels.
Lisa/knitnzu said…
One DOES see the scariest things at WalMart...
DPUTiger said…
Well, that deer is much less startling than TruckNutz ::shudder:: I definitely think Ben has seen "Scream" too many times. Too funny!
I agree with Bentley.