Rope? Horse?

I apologize for being remiss in my blog-keeping lately. I've been so busy I don't know if I found my rope or lost my horse. I've set a goal to write at least a little something every day for the rest of the month and see if I can get back in the swing.

Today's little something is about the Mt. Horeb Harvest Festival. I was sick and it was raining, but I went anyway and I'm glad. I wanted to be there because friends Mo and Rebecca opened their new yarn shop The Cat And The Crow. It's a lovely space! Lots of beautiful things and room for knitters and spinners. Here are a couple of fine examples of 'Yarn On The Hoof' from Mo's farm, Four Crows Farm. She has some lovely fiber in her shop from them.

There were also carriage rides.

And men making lefse. I found the process less fascinating than the fact that MEN were doing the cooking! :-)

Buggy rides. Pulled by a rare headless horse. I'm guessing he was originally in The Godfather. I took several covert and surreptitious spy pictures of the 'Amish Buggy' before I realized it was actually a festival attraction and therefore not taboo. I was quite the rebel there for a few minutes though!

If horse rides don't catch your fancy, how about a ride in a Viking Dragon Boat? There was enough rain in the street to float it I'll bet!

I also visited with friends Delma and Mary Ellen at Witchery Stitchery which as moved to Front Street. I almost had a heart attack when I thought their store closed. It was the go-to place to feed my cross stitch addiction back in the day.

There were quite a few craft booths there, God love 'em. Toughing it out in the dreary weather. I was so wet and miserable that I didn't even stop, so you can tell how truly yucky it was. I even skipped the Quilt Show because I passed it by accident and wouldn't go all the way back down to it in the downpour. I ducked into the fire station to dry off a little at one point and poked through the Friends of Mt. Horeb Library used book sale. Lots of treasures in there. Too bad I'm down sizing.

Came home, changed into dry togs, made tea and settled in to make popcorn for my felted popcorn and cranberry strand. This is an entire skein of Dale of Norway. Not much to look at for all of that knitting, but I think it'll be cool when it's felted.
Tomorrow the tale of the lost and found wallet!


DPUTiger said…
Ahhh, yes I do suppose those will look a lot more like popcorn once they are felted! Love the norse ship and the horsies. Looks like you had a great time!
Cindy G said…
Ah, the Sons of Norway parade boat. I love it. It always makes me think of something out of Garrison Keillor.

Looks like a really fun day despite the rain. And thanks for the reminder about the new yarn shop. Must Go Soon.
MadCityMike said…
Sorry that our paths didn't cross on Saturday, although, since you were sick....maybe not. ;)
YarnThrower said…
The Cat and the Crow?!!! I'll have to get myself over to Mt Horeb one of these days. (Realistically, won't be until January....but it will be the perfect way to spend a day during my semester break...) Your popcorn is going to be fun!! Are you using a pattern?
The popcorn looks like little dumplings so far. Either way, it's good eating.
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