Free Entertainment

So the other night the neighbor boys stop by to visit. They are both named Mike and are collectively know (by me) as Mike-Squared. Individually I call them Mike and Hef because I've never seen 'Hef' in anything other than jammie pants, a robe and slippers. They knock on the door and I open it. There they stand, one with a plate of cookies and one with a bath towel. Right away I know this is not going to be the ho-hum Sunday night I originally envisioned.

Mike has decided that their dishwasher doesn't work and wants to compare notes with mine since both are the same make and model. Hef is just along for the ride; in it for the cookies pretty much. Mike figures out a way to jerry-rig the dishwasher door so that the machine thinks it's closed, thus enabling him to turn the thing on and see where the water goes. As it turns out, predictably, the water goes all over Mike and the kitchen . One towel was hardly sufficient. Hef and I munched cookies and watched in amusement as The Poseidon Adventure was played out brilliantly by Captain Mike. He never did figure out if his machine, or mine was running correctly and after a while scampered off formulating plans that involved tying plastic bags to various nozzles on the inside of his machine to see if they filled with water. I hope he has more towels.

Just another Sunday night at Chez Bee!


Mo said…
Great story! You are a very kind hostess to let them play with the dishwasher in noah's ark mode.

BTW, how are you and Ben feeling! Is his eye infection gone?
Michelle said…
Only you, Molly Bee; only you. :-)
kmkat said…
I have just one question: how old are the Mikes?
Elizabeth said…
OH, we've been having dishwasher adventures over here. Mr. SABLE finally took apart some stuff in the bottom of the dishwasher and found that the entrance to the water pump had a crisscrossing mesh of toothpicks and twist ties which had gummed up with old food crud, and kept the water from circulating. After removing that stuff, he found a few coffee beans further in. Once cleared and reassembled, we have clean dishes once again!

If Mr. SABLE could have figured out how to run it with the door open, he would have. Do not ever introduce him to Mike.
DPUTiger said…
At least they brought cookies?
I need to take lessons from you on attracting fun neighbors like that.