Thursday, October 08, 2009

Molly The Pet Sitter and the Case of The Aqua Mice

My friend has four kitties-two older females and two newish boy-kittens. For those of you keeping score at home, they are the two males from the litter that we found in her barn this spring; Bear and Romeow Catulet. I stopped by the other night to get instructions for their care and feeding while their mommy and daddy are on an upcoming vacation. The feeding part is easy. The important part is favorite toys, tickle spots, treats and where Mommy hides the home grown catnip! I brought some little kitty toys with me, cause that’s what good Aunties do. One of them was a largish mouse that makes a loud electronic mousey squeak when batted…or gently touched…or breathed on…or looked at sideways… [Yup! That’s what good Auntie’s do alright! Bring toys that the kids love but are so loud and annoying that the parents curse the day the good Auntie was born!] and the other was a packet of three much smaller mice with a feather on the end of their tails.

Oh. My. Gosh! You should have seen the little boys. They were like the Flying Wallendas tossing and chasing those mice around. We played with them for a while and then got down to the business of what needs to be cared for during my friend’s vacation. Then we noticed it was quiet….One might say too quiet. Soon Bear comes up dragging in a sopping wet feather mouse. The mouse was confiscated and put up on the cupboard to dry. I thought to myself that he must have accidentally flung it into his water dish, but soon he came back with another feather mouse just as wet. We were discussing details and , distracted so we just took that one away too and put it on the cupboard with its friend. Bear disappears and comes back a THIRD drenched feather mouse which is also removed of airing. At this point my friend and I look at each other and say “What to heck?” We follow in the direction that Bear disappeared just in time to see him trying to purposefully dunk the big electronic mouse in his water dish. Ain’t no mouse like an Aqua Mouse I guess! He was a feral kitten, maybe his daddy was a raccoon…he washes his mice before he eats them? I suspect the mice will remain Aqua Mice until the end since cat’s take the phrase ‘No don’t do that’ as a personal challenge. At least his Mum will be glad when the electronic squeaker takes a bath!


Kitty Mommy said...

Noisy electronic toys? Chocolate cool whip coated toddler? It's all good! ;o)

Silly kitties!

Elizabeth said...

That's one way to make 'em stop squeaking!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Who wants plain water when they could have mouse tea?

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