Funny Bones and Stoney Stares

I was up all night with a particularly pesky bout of insomnia so to say that I'm less than cheery today would be an understatement. Not grumpy so much as zombie-like. So when I took Bentley out at the butt crack of dawn this morning, I was less than attentive. I put him on his leash and then step out on my patio to let him wander down the lawn to take care of any fluid collection that may have occurred overnight. I stood, in the freezing cold, eyes closed, swaying in my slippers for quite some time before I realized that Ben wasn't moving. Closer observation showed him stone still, hackles raised, in 'pointer position', staring down the garden gnome that has been on our neighbor's patio all. summer. long. Apparently, vigilant watchdog that he is, he just noticed it. Nothing I could say would convince him that it was a game that he could not win. He was in full Garden Gnome Lock Down position. I finally had to physically get between him and the gnome, promise three cookies and a belly rub to break the obsession. He finally trundled off to do his business, casting frightened looks over his shoulder the whole time. I'm surprised he could even pee. For a huge, tough-looking guy, he sure is a big 'fraidy dog! So add gnomes, and possibly other garden or patio statuary to the long list of Ben's Kryptonite (Halloween decorations, whooping cranes, flags, the dark, Bob the maintenance guy....)

Make no bones about it, I can get into plenty of trouble when left to my own devices. Particularly on little to no sleep. Witness last night's little project.

I was really rocking the joint, turning these out. I really knuckled under and got busy.

I made a whole graveyard of boney treats for various events I have going this weekend.

[Jam mini marshmallows (sideways, not endways) on the end of thin stick pretzels and dunk them in white chocolate. I recommend white candy coating. The white chocolate chips are hard to keep the right consistency for dipping.]

Anyone who has a bone to pick about how gory these are should be reminded that it could have been worse! Remember last Halloween's little science project? Finger Food!

Ewww! Chills me to the bone!


Lisa/knitnzu said…
Poor Ben! You should get one of those and put it on your couch, see what he does.

Hilarious about Mike and Hef. At least they brought cookies with them.
Cindy G said…
Oh Ben! Still chortling here.

We once had a dog who was afraid of cameras, umbrellas, pop cans and the sound of the ocean. I don't think he ever met a garden gnome....
I must add the bones to my repertoire of Halloween food I would make if I ever made Halloween food. A kid at my school made the fingers but they were out of some sork of cookie dough. The nails were stuck on with red jam, which looked really good.