Boo Boo Bees

I have a head cold. My eyeballs are going to jettison from my head in a fantastical manner at any moment. But I'm not having half the bad day that Bentley is. I woke up this morning to this pathetic site.

Both of his eyes were red and weepy and it looked like he had tucked a green seedless grape-jumbo size-up under his right eyelid.

(Sorry about the horror and carnage of the pig ear consumption shot but it shows the eyelid lump to it best advantage.)

Called the vet and got a 3PM appt. I dragged our pathetic selves down there. It's conjunctivitis again. Doggie Pink Eye. Drops twice a day and he'll be right as rain. It had been a month since his nails were clipped so the doc decided to do them while they had him back there. Ben decided HE was done about 15 seconds before his last pinky toe actually was and spazed out. They cut his nail pretty badly and it took some time to get the bleeding to stop, mostly because his blood pressure was so high from freaking out. I went out to put him in the car and it started bleeding all over so I took him back into the office and he came out looking like this:

Went in with Boo Boo Eye and came out with Boo Boo toe! Bad day for Boo Boo Ben!

The tables will turn soon since I am now responsible for putting drops in his eyes twice a day-which he hates- and seeing too it that he doesn't get his bandage off. All while sneezing and blowing my dern fool head off. Something tells me it's going to be a long evening for the Boo Boo Bees!


Terri Browne said…
you poor things! i hope you both get well soon!
Kitty Mommy said…
I'll miss you tonight! But take good care of yourself and my buddy Ben.
MadCityMike said…
Good luck with his and your meds......get well soon!
YarnThrower said…
Awwww... I hope you're both feeling much better very soon! Best wishes with the eye drops...
dale-harriet said…
Awwww MAAAN!! Well, if I thought lovely chicken soup would help I'd make so....wait. You have a COLD?
Elizabeth said…
Oh, it's been a few days now. I hope you both are feeling MUCH better.

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