Wild Wooly Weekend

Despite the crappy weather; so much rain that even the doggie was depressed :
I was a busy Bee all weekend. Saturday was the Midwest Alpaca Festival at The Alliant Energy Center. I met up with Kitty Mommy and her three adorable kittens and snogged a ton of alpacas and shopped all morning. I was remiss in getting a picture of the kittens for some reason. They were the cutest critters there, which is saying something when you see these faces.

Faithful readers (Hi Mom!) will note that my life operates under the 'If it CAN happen, it WILL happen to Molly Bee' laws of the Universe. This was no exception when I was either snogged back, or viciously attacked by, a prima donna alpaca, aptly named 'Mr Hollywood'. I know that alpacas like to zoom into your face and scope you out by sniffing your breath. If you stay still, they usually pull right back. However, Mr. H. sniffed and huffed and bumped and nuzzled in his endearing alpaca way, thus lulling me into a false sense of security, and then CHOMP right on the chin! Jury is still out as to whether he was snogging me back or scoping out the potential wound area but either way it was a surprise to say the least. Didn't break the skin, just pinched hard. Thank Goodness it didn't leave much of a mark, because that would have been fun to explain to folks! Naughty Boy, Mr. Hollywood!

Saturday afternoon found me at Last Saturday Knitting with the Kitty Mommy, Mrs. Sable, Chocolate Sheep and Mousey Linda. We had a great time as usual; sipping coffee. laughing and listening to the rain outside. I rushed home, got all gussied up and went out for drinks with friends in the evening. I made the mistake of wearing a dress and heels. When I came out of the restaurant, it was pouring and the shoes only had one speed-slow, so I got soaked to the skin getting to the car! Has anyone else been shoe shopping lately? I guess it's been a while for me, what with the foot surgery and all. I seem to remember tasteful low or medium heeled pumps. I could find nary a one when I went looking. It was 'hobo' or 'hooker'. What gives?!?!? Given the rainy conditions, I clearly should have opted for the faster 'hobo' variety!

Met a friend early this morning for breakfast in Middleton; The Original Pancake House. I'd never been there before but we'll be going back that's for sure. I had coconut pancakes that were positively amazing. They serve them with this intense orange syrup. I ate so much that that was it for the day. I haven't had anything but hot tea since! Just been digesting like a snake all day! So worth it though!

This afternoon found me taking a stab at spinning again and I must say that it would be hard to go wrong with this roving:
100% pure natural colored Alpaca from 'Zig Zag' at Timber Ridge Farm. It so soft and nice, I just want to roll around in it. I'll bet Zig Zag never viciously attacked anyone at The Midwest Alpaca Festival! Take note, Mr. Hollywood!


dale-harriet said…
Awww, you have ALL the fun. Or -- well, maybe not so much. Coulda been worse, though...aren't they some kinda cousin to camels, and THEY SPIT! I think I'd rather get a nom than a spit, but thinking on it, "no thanks, none for me." But the rest does sound fun, and I thought of y'all knitting as I rode home from my luncheon. I DID make another preemie cap, though. Started it on the trip up, finished it on the trip back. Well, Late Night is coming up....
MadCityMike said…
Hmmmmmmm.........an Alpaca hickey. I've never seen one of "those". Are you sure it isn't a ploy to send our thoughts in another direction???
Elizabeth said…
Here's what I've learned in my 47 years on this planet: when a style you like cycles around, STOCK UP! Whether it's shoes or clothes, if you are old enough to not be a slave to trends, then get while the getting's good.
I have found some nice pumps with kitty heels; cute, feminine but low and very walkable. I've also found some amazingly comfortable heels in the Indigo brand by Clarks, but haven't sprung for a pair yet; they're spendy for my budget! Something in the ball of my right foot is aggravated so that I can't wear the high heels anymore....
Cimorine said…
Holy talito! is everyone going to a yarn convention/festival? I seriously need to find one of these things.

funny! Mr. Hollywood, naughty, naughty! (wags finger) I think he WAS scoping you out! well, at least he makes good yarn, right?
Vicki said…
That fresh fiber looks to good to be true.
Cindy G said…
Oh do I feel like a dope! Somehow I missed the fact that Saturday was the Last of the month. Ow! I missed it!

Anyway, I do believe you are the only person I know who has been bitten on the chin by an alpaca.
I am on a life-long quest for comfortable shoes that a. can be worn with dresses, b. can be worn without socks, and 3. Walking sandals. As my budget has grown over the years, my feet have gotten pickier. At least I know how to knit socks now!

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