Bullet Point Wednesday...On Common Courtesy and Politeness

*When rounding a corner in a hallway, it’s best to stick on the right side so you don’t smash into a person who may be rounding the corner from the opposite direction.
*This also work on stairways.
*And going through double doors.
*In the event that you are a directionally challenged moron and run into the person who has the ‘right of way’, it’s customary to apologize profusely, inquire about their well being , and help them pick up the stuff they dropped when you mowed them down.
*It is NOT the appropriate to stare at them with a sneer, like it was their fault, and walk off without a word.
*For the record, this makes you a super-duper, triple-quadruple moron.
*To the power of infinity
*For life.
* With no hope of redemption
*While we’re on the subject...
* You should also acknowledge someone whom you meet face-to-face in an empty hallway.
*Especially if they look you in the eye and say ‘hello’.
*And use your first name.
*When you don’t, it makes them think that they may have accidentally left their super power Cape of Invisibility on. How embarrassing!
*And you know how difficult it is to see an invisible garment on your own back to double check!
*Don’t slam the door in people’s faces either.
*Especially if you see that their hands are full.
*We’re not stupid. We know you saw us coming. Because we DON'T have The Cape on. We checked back there in the hallway.
*'Please' and 'thank you' wouldn’t hurt either.
* And 'excuse me' goes a loooonnnngggg way too!
*It only takes a minute to be polite and considerate.
*Go ahead. Make your mum proud o' ya. I double dog dare you.


Kitty Mommy said…
"Please" and "Thank You" are the secret of the Nile.

WV: lymesoma - a malignant tick bite?
Cindy G said…
Illegitimi non carborundum.

Hang in there despite the morons.
Elizabeth said…
Hey, Cindy's speaking Latin at us. NO FAIR!

My guess is that the offending parties are scientists. And that they just live so much in their own heads, they don't even notice that they just mowed you down. Subtlety will not work on folks like that. They won't take the hint, unless there is no choice not to take it.

BTW, when my seven year old does something reckless and creates a disaster, I get royally pissed that the first thing out of his mouth is, "It was an accident!" To which I respond, "I certainly hope so! You wouldn't do something like that on purpose, would you?" But getting him to connect accidents with personal responsibility has been an uphill battle.
Oh good, it's not just MY seven-year-old who does that! Thank-you, Elizabeth, for that small bit of encouragement. I will keep working at keeping my son from growing up to be the kind of person poor Molly Bee has to work with.