Quiet Weekend

I spent time with a friend I hadn't seen in a while this weekend. We went to lunch Saturday (lobster-YUM!) and visited the afternoon away over mocha lattes on the East Side. It was a nice relaxing day and good to catch up.

On the way home, I surfed Goodwill and found lots of treasure. I got brand new pair of size 6 L.L. Bean ultra suede mocs, a brand new Talbot's jacket and several long sleeve t-shirts that I like. It always blows me away to find new merchandise for two or three bucks! The little Yankee girl in me smiles!

Friends I was expecting on Sunday bailed because of the weather. They overestimated the severity of our 'winter storm' this weeken, me thinks. What was supposed to be 5-7 inches of ice, sleet and then snow, fizzled out to a dusting and lots of melting. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but the lack of visitors had me looking around for trouble to get into and that turned into cleaning out my clothes and that has thus far turned into an almost day long event! My dresser runneth over so, since I brought home a small bag of new clothes yesterday, I'm putting three bags back into the pool sometime this week. Ahhhh, there's nothing like freshly organized closets and drawers. (Note to self: get 'a life' sometime this week. Check the Target circular for deals.)

Since Ben doesn't wear clothes except in special occassions, he spent a good chunk of this day sleeping. Sitting up. On the sofa. Yeah. I don't ask any more.


Mum said…
It's obvious that Ben is not really into the "new clothes" thing!!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
He's pretty funny, sleeping sitting up. You could always cut up some of the old shirts as bandanas for the boy...
dale-harriet said…
I'd love to have a "get in trouble with MollyBee day" sometime soon --think on't! The Hectic at the museum is finite -- and mostly my evenings are free. I gotta do a Cleaning Out of Clothes too. And books. Drawers. Closets...oh oh, it's starting to sound chore-y.
Mo said…
Ben is such a handsome boy - awake or not!
Cindy G said…
What an endearingly funny picture of Ben.
YarnThrower said…
You go girl with the clothes purge. I think I'm emotionally attached to mine, and though I don't wear many of the things in my closet, I can't seem to part with them. Any advice?
You know, Ben looks just like a husband who is trying to look interested in something (like clothes?) but just.can't.quite.manage.it. Been there; seen that!
Cimorine said…
:) I like it. makes him look like a worker falling asleep on the job. :) sad, yet cute. (sad because not getting enough sleep, cute because he's sleeping)

don't worry. I don't have a life either. it's called "knitting!" I got it at the library, reading yarn harlot. totally for free. well, except the yarn. and needles. sorry freinds bailed. what a good oportunity to re-invite them!
DPUTiger said…
I may not have 'a life' but I'm certainly busy enough for two people. I envy your quiet weekend cleaning out the closets and drawers. I need to do that soon!
Congrats on the new shoes and the cleaned out clothes. I clean out my clothes very often, but I never go far enough, because once, in like 1974, I gave away a shirt and then I wished I still had it. Can't take the chance of having that happening again!

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