Happy Easter Weekend!

We didn't have any plans for this weekend other than shampooing the rugs on Saturday morning. Thought we'd just hang out watching movies and walking the 'hood enjoying the spring weather. But as it usually goes, interesting tidbits popped up to spice things up a bit. Did get the carpet shampooed....YAY! That little chore concluded my spring cleaning! Yeah!! Nothing like a cozy, clean nest! (Except for the sliding glass door that was all drooley AS I was trying to wash it. Ben is sometimes not as helpful as he thinks he is. There was indeed copious amounts of doggie walking and fetching and running around like a nut (Ben, not me....well, Ben AND me actually since he's not the best fetcher sometimes). Then there was a pig ear picnic alfresco for the tired pup. It was a good weekend to be a doggie!

Friends called with an invitation to a campfire Saturday night. Sure! What time and what can we bring? There are few things I love better than a good wood fire. Reminds me of camp in Maine. Add good friends, hot dogs and s'mores and a smoke scented sweatshirt, and it was a good weekend to be Molly Bee!
It wasn't a good weekend to be this guy however. No hot dogs for Rover. He got Charlie Bears but wasn't pacified. He was just a little bitter!
The mailman/Easter Bunny brought me a wonderful care package from Florida; filled with pine needles, pre-drilled basket bottom inserts, nut slices (for basket bottoms), raffia and even some official brass guides so I can retire my Culver's soda straw! AND a book so I will actually have instruction as I make more baskets. I wasn't expecting it and couldn't believe it. I felt like a kid at Christmas! If you guys are reading this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again! What a gift! You ROCK!
We had a leisurely Sunday morning. There's nothing like a hot cup of coffee and the Sunday paper/crossword. Got all but one word and felt like a frickin' geenyus! Took Ben out for more fetch. We got him one of those 'flying squirrel' Frisbee things. Since he knows the names of all of his toys and will go get the one you ask for, and since we already have two squirrels ('Squirrel' and 'Flat Eddie'), we named the new toy 'The Wombat'. I heard snickering from the neighbors when Ben was encouraged to 'Bring back the Wombat', but no matter. My naming system works. Go ahead and laugh.
Sunday afternoon The Sow's Ear had an Easter Egg Hunt for prizes and discounts so I packed up my knit kit and headed on down for the afternoon. My egg had a certificate for a free 20 oz drink so I got one of Barista Ben's special super caffeinated extravaganzas. Between that and the Easter chocolate....Wheeeeeee!
Also found out that Cousin Cortney had her baby on Saturday! Welcome to the family Cora Grace Duncan! She was just a smidge under 10 #. Way to go Cort and Cecil! Looks like Aunt Marilyn has a special person to share her birthday with from now on!
So, so much for my dull boring weekend. Just gotta seize the opportunities!!!!


DPUTiger said…
Sounds like you had a great weekend. I'm envious! Once again, I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.
What a great weekend! And MORE pine needle basket equipment? WHY? You're already dazzling us with what you can do!!!
Doesn't sound boring to me. Well, maybe the part where you shampoo the rug. . . Clean is nice though.
Kitty Mommy said…
Sounds like a great weekend!

Are you doing dishcloth night tonight?