Two Sides To Every Story

So I got to work on the Camel Confetti last night. For those of you keeping score at home, this is what it looked like when I brought it home.
I thought it was primarily blue with a purple swoosh in it. I also thought it was roving. I was wrong on both counts. Turns out it's a batt which is fine....just a surprise. And when I unrolled it, one whole side was :

and one whole side was :
The batt is soft and fluffy when you're handling it, but when the singles are spun up they are really fuzzy and itchy. This will definitely be an accent fiber and not something worn next to the skin. It's too bad because camel is typically very soft, but there is aso much of the shiny stuff and guard hairs in it, it has a texture problem. It's still beautiful.

At any rate, I'm really grooving on spinning again. It's very repetitive and lulling. Of course Ben prefers yoga and meditation:

I guess if you don't have opposable thumbs, you do whatcha gotta do.....


Great title there. The dog is still sleeping sitting up, eh?
Cimorine said…
I'm interested in spinning . .. maybe I'll take a class over the summer. It seems really relaxing to a lot of people. Besides, how am I to fulfill my dream of living in the country without being able to spin my own yarn?
Kitty Mommy said…
Ooooooo...shiny! That's going to be some gorgeous yarn!

LOVE the yoga-dog!! Smooches to the silly puppy!
dale-harriet said…
I *knew* Ben for a Higher Being. If I thought I could manage that pose I might be game to try yoga too.... But I'm still going to leave spinning to the Talented, I'm content just managing knitting! Sure do love looking at yours, though.......
Mum said…
apparently all the spinning has lulled Ben into a state of suspended animation!
DPUTiger said…
That is an awesome YogaDog picture. Good luck with that spinning! I have zero knowledge of what's supposed to happen, so that's the best I can offer. :)

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