Productive Weekend

I am the Mac Daddy of that Power Drill, Y'all! Picture it, me in my safety goggles, standing on a wee step stool because I'm too short to drill at the kitchen counter and didn't want to accidentally drill a hole in my dining room table which is actually the proper height for drilling. My wood carving was perched on a pizza box that was on an air bake cookie sheet because I wasn't particularly keen on drilling a hole in the counter either. I carefully placed the bit and drilled. It took FOREVER to drill that first hole. Then I discovered that I had it in reverse. It was throwing enough saw dust to keep me interested and thinking it was doing it's thing. Once I discovered this and threw it into first gear...YEE HAW! I was disappointed when I ran out of holes to drill. Oh the power!!!!! Anybody need a hole in anything??? I'm available for hire!

And from the "This Just Goes To Show Ya" department. Remember how I described how my basket was going to look? Red wire coils etc...well this is how it actually turned out
See?!?! I TOLD you! IT decides what it want to be....I apparently don't get a say....Doesn't bode well for my plans for a French Bread basket this time around, but I'll give it a shot!

I am almost done spinning the singles of the Confetti Camel bat and will hopefully ply it tomorrow night before I start a new basket. It's beautiful stuff although I'm disappointed with the scratchey-ness.

Sunday was cooking day at Chez Bee. I made Oatmeal Espresso Chocolate Chunk cookies
...and Fish Pie. What is Fish Pie you ask?

I'm reading a book that Mousey Linda recommended called the Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil. McNeil is English and the book is set in England. At one point she mentions making a Fish Pie and I wondered what it was. Since I am the Google Queen, I looked it up and found a recipe by Jamie Oliver. It sounded good so I made it last night. Oh. My. God. It was sooooo delicious....which is good, because it makes a 9x13 pan so I'll be eating it for a while. It's kind of like Shepherd's pie, only with fish and spinach. It would be good with shrimp and peas added too. Lots of possibilities. I am linking the recipe here. I highly recommend it!

I also did laundry, worked on a Socketta sock, played with the dog, scrubbed the floors, did homework, watched two movies and did the month's accounting. Whew! Must have been those darned Espresso cookies!


Kitty Mommy said…
Those espresso cookies sound like a great idea, but if the kids got ahold of one, it would be a disaster! Do you suppose they would go for Quaalude cookies and let me eat my espresso cookies in peace?

The new basket looks fabulous, even if it has a mind of its own!
Lisa/knitnzu said…
Your basket is beautiful! I think many things will be what they will be. You're pretty funny about your drill! Yeah, that reverse thing... does yours have a chuck key? Sometimes they are separate, and sometimes they are part of the drill (often a little button on the side w/ a padlock icon). This is a helpful thing!

One time, after several glasses of wine (by me), I went out into the barn w/ an 18 year old young man (no wine for him), and we got out the BIG DRILL, a half inch drive dewalt, to drill holes into a coconut. This was NOT easy! I think we ended up getting out the BIG HAMMER instead.
Elizabeth said…
Owen looked over and said, "Ooh, Food!"

I am still loving the baskets!

My verification word is excit. Almost excite!
I definitely could eat some of that fish pie. I'm ascared of the oatmeal expresso chocolate chunk cookies, but they shore are pretty.
Mum said…
Wow... what a productive weekend! Could I hire you for a couple of days while I rest up just from reading your blog!!!! My "Get up and go, got up and went"
Vicki said…
The basket looks fabulous. So does the fish-a-do.
Thanks for the cookie recipe; I'm gonna try those! Will use our fresh eggs, though, or the girls would be offended. :-) Only have instant decaf in the house (no ground espresso) so will try them with that.
bobbi said…
i'm going to try those espresso cookies, sounds yummy! said…
Now that I see what "fish pie" really is I think I may have to make me one! When I read the book all I could think of was a whole fish baked into a pie crust. Eww. Good thing I was wrong!
Linda L. said…
And I think I need some espresso cookies, as I am obviously not awake enough to fill out my name & URL properly...

or some Equedil, whatever that is. (It's my verification word.)