Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Looked Fun When Knitzu Did It...

I saw this over at Knitzu's place and thought it looked like fun. Then once I bolded all the things in the list that I had actually done, I realized how truly dull and empty my life has been so I reevaluated the questions and counted some of the ones I 'kinda' made. It's late. I'm very tired. I apologize in advance...

Things I’ve done (in Bold)…

*Started my own blog
*Slept under the stars

*Played in a band
*Visited Hawaii (Used Hawaiian Tropics-counting it)
*Watched a meteor shower
*Given more than I can afford to charity
*Been to Disneyland/world. (Have ridden on Madison's famous Beltline though...That's more of a thrill ride than Walt has to offer so I'm counting it.)
*Climbed a mountain (fell off said mountain. Double word score.)
*Held a praying mantis (and a frog, and raccoons and a boa constrictor and baby bear. Oh! And a rabid butterfly!)
*Sung a solo (So low you can't hear me. Tenor. Tenor twelve miles away.Ar. Ar. Ar. Counting it. )
*Bungee jumped (Experienced several stumbles and falls that were equally spectacular-counting it)
*Visited Paris (Quebec City-same thing-French language-short tempers. Counting it.)

*Watched lightning at sea.
*Taught myself an art from scratch
*Had food poisoning
*Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty (I refuse and you should too. She hates that. It makes her itchy!)
*Grown my own vegetables (Does growing stuff on the veggies in the crisper drawer count? ?? Yep!)
*Seen the Mona Lisa in France (Is she missing? I may have seen her trying to disappear in a crowd at the Cleveland Airport once. Counting it)

*Slept on an overnight train ( I slept on a train but it was only a half hour trip from Madison to Middleton! Not my fault it was a short trip...counting it. )
*Had a pillow fight
*Hitchhiked (Just kidding Mum!)

*Built a snow fort
*Was buried under a collapsed snow fort and lived to tell the tale!
*Held a lamb

*Kissed said lamb on the lips
*Gone skinny dipping (In my case it's more 'chunky dunking' but I'm counting it.)
*Run a Marathon (Avoid running of any kind unless something is chasing me and even then it better be pretty menacing...)
*Ridden in a gondola in Venice (Ridden in a gondola at Summerfest. Hey! Work with what you have! Counting it.)
*Seen a total eclipse
*Know all of the words to Bonnie's Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'....bonus!
*Watched a sunrise or sunset
*Hit a home run

*Been on a cruise (various day cruises including a Windjammer)
*Seen Niagara Falls in person (Not for lack of trying...Only got close enough to see the spray! No where to park! Counting it.)
*Visited the birthplace of my ancestors (Uh, the hospital? Home town? Ireland? Counting it on the grounds that the question is too ambigious. )

*Seen an Amish community
*Taught myself a new language
*Had enough money to be truly satisfied
*Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person (No but may or may not be responsible for the leaning. It's a long story, but if it turns out to be my fault, I'm sorry.)
*Gone rock climbing
(and rock falling...counts double.)
*Seen Michelangelo’s David
(on TV...question non-specific so I'm counting it)
*Sung karaoke (Lord help me and anyone else that was within earshot...)
*Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
(On TV again...non specific...)
*Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant (Homeless guy-San Diego. He turned out to be a really cool guy!)
*Visited Africa (Nope been to Kazakhstan though, same third world feel only there are reindeer instead of lions...counting it.)

*Walk on the beach in the moonlight
*Been transported in an ambulance
(in the front seat-Grandma was in the back. No I didn't run the siren or the lights, but I asked and I tried when no one was looking. )
*Had my portrait painted (No thank God! You're welcome World!)
*Gone deep sea fishing (Have eaten a varity of deep sea fishes....counting it)
*Seen the Sistine Chapel in person (Met a Sister Chappelle once...close enough...counting it)
*Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower at Putt Putt mini golf-exact same thing, so I'm counting it.)
*Gone scuba diving or snorkeling

*Kissed in the rain
*Played in the mud
*Gone to a drive-in theater
(Gone to a drive-in in the trunk of a car. Extra points!)
*Been in a movie (Does a documentary on Admiral Perry for PBS count? Yup!)
*Visited the Great Wall of China (Visited Great Wall of China Buffet and Take Out...counting it!)
*Started a business (failed at a business...two points...swish!)
Taken a martial arts class
*Visited Russia (only to get fuel)
*Served at a soup kitchen (Served soup in my kitchen...counting it)
*Sold Girl Scout Cookies (Beat up Girl Scouts and taken their cookies (in my mind)...counting it.)

*Gone whale watching (Actually saw whales and lost a camera to whale snot...triple points)
*Got flowers for no reason

*Donated blood, platelets or plasma
*Gone sky diving (Accidently. Not from a plane. Bentley induced flight. Short trip but I stuck the landing...counting it)
*Bounced a check (Gas and Dashed by accident once...counting it)
*Flown in a helicopter

*Saved a favorite childhood toy
*Visited the Lincoln Memorial (Visited the Memorial Union in a Lincoln...counting it.)
*Eaten Caviar (On pizza!)
*Pieced a quilt

*Stood in Times Square (Stood around being square...counting it)
*Toured the Everglades (Use Glade air freshener...counting it)
*Been fired from a job (Not for lack of trying) To bad the it wasn't 'Set my job on fire' then my answer might have been different.
*Seen the Changing of the Guards in London (Seen guards changing at Badger Hockey Game...counting it)
*Broken a bone

*Been on a speeding motorcycle
Seen the Grand Canyon in person (Driven on Grand Canyon Drive in Madison....same thing...pot holes that deep...counting it)
*Published a book (Snapfish hee hee)
*Visited the Vatican (Um....no.... there's the little matter of the restraining order....)
*Bought a brand new car
*Walked in Jerusalem (Walked through Jerusalem artichokes-counting it)
*Had my picture in the newspaper (but not on the post office wall...yet...at least not until we get the Leaning Tower of Pisa incident worked out.)
*Read the entire Bible
*Visited the White House (Visted A white house...counts)

*Killed and prepared an animal for eating (Prepared food for an animal to eat...counting it)
*Had chickenpox
*Saved someone’s life
*Sat on a jury

*Met someone famous
*Joined a book club
*Lost a loved one

*Seen the Alamo in person (Rented a car from Alamo-counting it)
*Swam in the Great Salt Lake (Cried me a river-counts)
*Been involved in a law suit (Talked to a lawyer in a cheap suit at gas station-counting...)

*Owned a cell phone (If you lose points for not using said phone....subtract 5)
*Been stung by a bee
*Rode an elephant (No but I held a 50 # albino boa constrictor....that oughta count for something.)

Wow! Upon reevaluation, I've led an amazing interesting life....not. Goodnight


Kitty Mommy said...

Tee-hee. Extra points for creativity!!! ;o)

Counting the hours until Friday night...

dale-harriet said...

I am helpless -- HELPLESS!! with laughter. Absolutely too wondrous, thank you.

Lisa said...

Geesh, you've done way WAY more than me! And I love love LOVE how you counted things!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Seen the Grateful Dead in concert--had a grateful fan base--counts!

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