Singin' and Swingin' and Making Merry Like Christmas!

Well, though I did better at this Knit Night than the one before, the jury's still out on whether Santa will be coming or not. There's the little matter of a drowning and a stabbing. Both were accidents but I'm not sure how Santa will judge them. I had no sooner sat down with my bowl o' latte when a rogue wave came from out of nowhere, sloshing half of it all over the table. As luck would have it, I missed the lady next to me but did managed to fill my knitting bag full and soak my left pant leg, which then proceeded to dry into a heavy crust . Then Kitty Mommy came and sat next to me and just being in that close a proximity to yours truly caused her to stab her finger with a big safety pin...hard. I exuded nothing if not bad mojo all evening. But not on purpose. Still, I think if Santa shows at all, he'll just be leaving Red Heart in my stocking. Me thinks I started this 'trying to be good crap' way too late in the year to rack up any 'all natural fiber' points.

Saturday night found me at the Imperial Garden in Middleton for supper with friends. GOOD FOOD! And pretty Christmas lights too. I am trying to consciously pay attention to all of the little things; decorations, music etc. this year in an effort to truly slow down and enjoy the season. D & T came back to my house after supper and we watched 'Tuna Christmas'. I had heard of the title but didn't know anything about it. It is going to be a holiday tradition from now on. What a hoot! I belly laughed out loud through the whole thing. I highly recommend it, especially to anyone having a blue Christmas. It's guaranteed to make you smile.

Today I toddled on over to Mount Horeb for lunch and a little shopping and then went to Cave of the Mounds at 2 PM for a Christmas concert. It was really neat. The Barneveld Congregational Church choir sang in the cave. There were about 50 people standing and sitting in chairs on the cat walk inside the front grotto of the cave. The acoustics were amazing and it was a tropical 50° in there as opposed to the 4° it was outside. I even unzipped my jacket a little. Party!

At the end of the singing, we had a special visit from Santa who scared the bejeepers out of us by sneaking in and ho-ho-hoing boisterously behind us in the dark. Infants and old folks shrieked. He then claimed that he often stays over in the cave on December 24th if he gets too tired to fly all the way home to The North Pole. The sheer thought of Santa and those precious reindeer under the damp, smelly ground made the toddlers cry. I hope he learned some important lessons for the 3:oo show.
What does a spelunking Santa say? (Say it with me with enthusiasm!) "Hole! Hole! Hole!"


Elizabeth said…
Sorry I missed you ladies on Friday. Sounds like another uproarious time was had by all.

Singing in the Cave. Who knew?
MadCityMike said…
I, too, was surprised by the cave choir......will they do this again before Christmas?
peaknits said…
Too funny - about the "hole" that is! The cave singing sounds wonderful and almost ethereal!
All I can say is, your ex must be allergic to humor; THAT'S why he had to leave you!
Cindy G said…
Cave Choir - how neat! Now I'm thinking wouldn't a handbell group sound good.