Search and Rescue

Sure he can't seem to learn to walk on a leash. Sure he has trouble ignoring squirrlish taunts. Sure he occasionally locks me out of the car and sometimes drags me to my doom when we go walking. But on Tuesday, we found out that Mr. Ben has a genuine purpose! Search and Rescue Dog Extraordinaire!

I took him out in the rain, snow and gale force winds after supper. We walked a little ways until our mission was accomplished and then scurried back home to lay on the couch (with our head on the pillow of course) and warm up. I got to the door and was sliding it open when he bolted back the way we came about 12 feet and thrust his big goofy head into the snowbank way up past his ears. Then he ran back towards me and into the house. I thought that was weird but am used the odd shenanigans from the big galoot. As I was taking his bondage gear off, he spit something out on the carpet; a man's wristwatch! Treasure! I can't figure out how he knew it was there, but he found it. He proudly pranced with me to post a note about the find on the bulletin board in the lobby. So if any of you have lost your timepiece in a snowbank (preferably digital, can't be sure he can find a dial watch yet) feel free to call Ben at 555-468-8463...that's 555-GOT-TIME, and he'll find it for you! I'm so proud! All the vet, doctor and dog food bills are finally paying off!

Tomorrow night is cooking night at Chez Molly Bee. I was supposed to have a class but it got postponed, so I will be making brownie truffles for the cookie exchange on Friday as well as a 'Better Than Whoopie Chocolate Cake" for our chili cook-off. (I'm not a big chili fan so they are making an exception for me if I bring this cake for dessert!). I'll post both recipes on my recipe site: Molly Bees Kitchen if you 'd like to check them out.

I also finished a little sump'in' sump'in in the knitting department but you'll have to check it out on Ravelry (mollybeez) because it's a gift for a non-Ravelry person. I know! I didn't think there were any left out there either! Second pic from the right...most recently finished item. I loved the yarn-so soft and I even liked the pooling effect.

Have a Happy Thursday everyone!


MadCityMike said…
Your life is NEVER dull! :)
Elizabeth said…
Guess he's got a good sniffer! What a dog.
Oh, oh! Maybe the little sump'in is for me, since I'm not on Ravelry! I can hardly wait; I'm sure I'll LOVE it. :-)
SinlessTouch said…
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Cathy-Cate said…
What a GOOD boy! He's got hidden talents, that one!

(while protecting you from rabid squirrels too!)