Ho Ho Ho-ly Crap I've Been Busy!

It's been a whirlwind around Chez Bee lately. Mum, the Queen Bee, arrived in a wicked snowstorm the other night and we've been having a ball catching up. BubberKev (kid brother Bee) and his fiance, whom we'd never met, arrived yesterday, in a snowstorm. I haven't seen old Kev in a while so it's been fun tormenting him again, if only for a day or two. His fiance, Sheila, is wonderful! She's got a great sense of humor and keeps BubberKev in line quite handily! She is a special ed teacher so she's perfect for him!

We ventured out, in a snowstorm, to Olbrich Gardens yesterday to see the train exhibit and thaw out in the tropics of the conservatory. I think Sheila wondered if she was making the right decision to join this wacky crew when I scrambled under the kumquat tree, grabbed one that was on the ground and tasted it. I'm sure she thought she'd be spending the rest of her visit in the ER getting my stomach pumped, or trying to come up with bail money when the kumquat police came to arrest me for stealing fruit in a conservatory. She got right into the swing of it though and spent the rest of the visit trying to convince me to climb various trees and try other fruits and nuts she spotted in the canopy. Some of them looked pretty toxic. She may be trying to kill me to lessen some of her woes in the future. Smart woman!

We went to The Melting Pot, in a snowstorm, last night to celebrate the holidays, eat food with sticks and set chocolate on fire. I was the only one that had been there before so it was nice to introduce the others to the fun.

Ben has been having a great time with all of the visitors who, of course, only came to Madison to see him. Mostly he has been taking the opportunity to test out all of the additional seating on laps and feet. He's just a tiny little puppy doncha know!

Now we're off, in sub-zero temperatures, to get some breakfast before Bubber Kev and Sheila head back to the warmer climes of southern IL. I'm thinking of following them to get out of all of this snow and the frigid temperatures. NEGATIVE 35° wind chill factors today! Holy Frozen Snot, Batman! And today is the FIRST DAY of winter. Bah humbug! If this keeps up, I'm going to crawl back under the covers and reconsider things come April. Stay Warm!


dale-harriet said…
HI MRS MOMBEE! I guess I'm prolly too late to say HI BROBEE AND FIANCEE BEE! but I'll try anyway. None of us (excepting only Chocolate Sheep) made it to Late-Night knit (an account of the snow storm) but you must admit, my dear Mollybee, this is PRIMO knitting weather! And that is one darling cute li'l puppy you got there.....but he knows that. We're wavin' from over here....
{flap flap flap flap}
Oh-0h...my verfication word is "billmi" -- is that a seasonal thing?
Lisa said…
Mel was giving me some grief that I thought it was merely nearly wicked cold around here... I think it's truly wicked cold where you are!
Cindy G said…
Yay family! Sounds like a blast - and boy would I like to get into the tropics at Olbrich (if only is weren't so many miles to drive in the cold to get there.
Mo said…
It's great seeing the Bee'sters enjoying a lovely family gathering despite the freezing temps outside. Mr. Ben is bee-ing an excellent host by making sure the relatives are cozy and warm! And making himself available for plenty of Bee photo opps so they could have pics of him to admire when they got home.
I hope Ben didn't get too many presents at once. That could spoil a dog and make a dogmom feel left out.

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