Never Trust A Chocolate Sheep

I thought Chocolate Sheep was my friend...but she's not. Wouldja just look at the puzzle she gave me to put together! Nothin' but little round dinguses (dingi?) all over it! But since Mum and I have been snowed in, we took an afternoon (yes and entire afternoon) to put it together. After the 37,000 shades of green fiasco of October I said that my next puzzle would be a little easier to put together. This was Beth's solution....37,000 little round dinguses....Just kidding, Beth! It was fun to put together and all of the pieces are there, although there was a tense moment when Ben was chewing on an unknown object and I thought for sure....but it turned out to be some other unknown object. Never did find out what it was.
Happy Holidays from Ice Station Zebra! Guess what? We are having a snowstorm. Again. They say today's storm is a different one than the one we had yesterday, but honestly, it looks the same to me. They are all starting to run together until it feels like it has snowed every day for 6 months. Though it's pretty and all, enough is enough! I blame Gary Cannalte. If he'd stop talking about it all the time, maybe it wouldn't happen. I think it's becoming an 'if you build it they will come' phenomenon or self-fulfilling prophecy or whatever. He could stop all of this if he wanted to. Hey Gary! How 'bout tonight you talk about 70°s and sun and see what happens? It's worth a shot!

All of the snow and blowing has made for plenty of time to relax and knit. I am working on Brooklyn Tweed's Koolhaas Hat. I'm doing it in soft, acrylic baby yarn for a friend who's going through chemo right now. I LOVE the pattern and the challenge. I am thinking about using the pattern in a pair of socks. I'll have to ask Jared if he minds...
Once you get the hang of the pattern it goes pretty quickly. I'm just thankful to be doing something other than stockinette round and round which is what I've been doing for the last 6 months!
Anyway, going to finish getting ready for friends to come over and join us for a Christmas Eve lasagna supper! Have a wonderful holiday and keep safe and warm!


Kitty Mommy said…
Christmas Eve lasagna supper? What time?!?! Missed seeing you at knit night! Hope that you and mum are having a very merry!

Word verification: unculnut. I think I have a new nickname for my brother if I can get the kids to pick it up!!
DPUTiger said…
Wah!!! I want snow here! All we've had is rain sandwiched with bouts of bitter cold. Yes, if the rain was snow, we probably would have about a foot on the ground, but I'd actually prefer that. Yes, I'm nuts!

Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you get some down time! (and lasagna supper sounds wonderful! Enjoy!)
Elizabeth said…
I have a puzzle to pass along to you, too! 1500 pieces, about 60% of them distant view of pine trees with snow.

I like Kitty Mommy's word. I got impaling. An actual real word! Where's Vlad when we need him? Probably over at the TV station with Gary, plotting more snowy misery for us.
dale-harriet said…
Merry Christmas to the Hive!! (and hugs to the Queen Bee on account of, you know, she and I have daughters of roughly the same age, so I figure she and *I* may be roughly the same age - only I know she's younger, but.......oh heck, MERRY CHRISTMAS, Mother-of-MollyBee! I have to say I'm loving the snow but you know, it's a brain defect that comes from being born in North Dakota. Stay snug, sweet girl (and sweet lady and sweet dawg)! My word is "falnes" - isn't that a breed of sheep?
peaknits said…
Holy crap - that is some puzzle! My daughters and I pooped out on just a 500 piece Little Mermaid one this afternoon:) I hope you have a merry Christmas - and to heck with Gary!
Sus said…
What a fun (frustrating!) puzzle! I'm sure once you got past the doggie near-disaster it was quite fun!

Merry Christmas, MollyBee! Best of everything to you and yours!
Linda L. said…
LOL - and here I have been blaming Charlie Shortino and his Smirk of Doom. (Sounds like a rejected Harry Potter-style book title, hm?)

Hope to see you Saturday at Victor Allen's, if we're not buried under three more feet of snow by then... better make an extra pan of lasagne. If not, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

(Verification word: coutan. Sounds like a French sheep - wait, that's mouton. Whatever.)
MadCityMike said…
Don, my youngest son, Sean (visiting from MI), and I spent Christmas Eve with friends in Verona.....and had Lasagna, too! Must be a Verona tradition? ;)
I hope you had a nice Christmas Day.....
Oh, Molly Bee! We had that same damn weather in Milwaukee, of course. I escaped it on Tuesday, but had to drive through snowy rush hour and pick up many folks on the way to the airport. I was thoroughly motion-sick before I even got to the airport. My eyes just goggled right out of my head when I arrived and saw the maze I'd have to tackle to get to the ticket counter. But I'm here in sunny California now. I'm laughing at the natives complaining about the 40's and 50's. Coming back tomorry, though.

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