This and That/Show and Tell

I finished my Koolhaas Hat for a friend's daughter who is undergoing the rigors of chemotherapy. Ben volunteered (uh...maybe volunteered isn't the correct choice of word. Barely tolerated might be more accurate) to model it, but since he apparently doesn't have a Koolhaas shaped head, I modeled it too.
Didn't wantcha to think I knit it into that funny shape that you
see in his picture. It's on accounta his big, lumpy, misshapen,
empty head that it looks like that, see! I also made these little goomers. I tried the pattern once before and came out with a grossly exaggerated lobster claw mess. I guess I got so excited knitting the tiny little thumb that I couldn't stop! These came out better. I'm thinking they are just the ticket for little keepsakes next Christmas. It took me about an hour to knit each one, but I think once I get the hang of it, they'll go faster.

Here are the socks I knit for Mum for Christmas. I didn't post the pics here before because she pokes around my blog from time to time. She's wicked nosey like that! I highly recommend the Knit Picks Essential Sock Yarn; so soft and yummy to knit with! And it seems to wash up well too.

Christmas went well. We roasted Cornish Hens and then went to see 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' because Mum had never been to IMAX before. If you think Keanu Reeves is scary on a regular screen, you should see him five stories tall. His nostrils were as tall as me! But this was the perfect cinematic vehicle for him...he never changed expression once during the whole film, which was apropos seein's how he was supposed to be an alien unfamiliar with human behavior. Very believable. Not so much when he pulls the exact same performance in all his other movies where he's supposed to be an actual human.....

But, I digress....I made a big Cornish Hen soup after Christmas and whilst rummaging around in the cabinets over the stove for containers to freeze it in, knocked over the basket on the top of the fridge that held my ancient salad shooter (not good for salad but excellent for grating cheese) directly into the soup pot. Splosh! Ya'll think the surf was up when I knocked my latte into my knitting bag at Knit Night a while back? That was nothing compared to this broth/hen/veggie sunami that hit the kitchen. Ben was thrilled to help with cleanup! Mum suggested I dry it out and see if it still worked, but I frown on using any electrical appliance that I have to drain before I plug it in. I'm thinking maybe she's trying to devise a way to cut her visit with me a little short without actually flying home. But I threw the shooter away and thwarted her evil plan. On an upbeat note, Cornish-Hen-With-A-Hint-Of-Salad-Shooter Soup ain't half bad!

And I'll leave you with this little number that we saw in the Wal-Mart parking lot while 'Grammie' was buying Bentley a micro fiber 'woobie' (blanket) of his very own because 'he needs one'....Sheesh! He is not going to be tolerable when she leaves.....He was barely tolerable before!
Happy New Year!


DPUTiger said…
Your furry hat model is very cute. The human one ain't bad either! Nice touch with the rudolph nose on the toyota. I've seen lots of car antlers, no noses! Happy New Year!

(verification word is "spoton" I think blogger is transitioning to "words" that are actual words!)
Elizabeth said…
I love those pooling swirls on the socks. What fun!

It was great to meet your Mom on Saturday.

And yes, blogger's words have been getting more word-like lately. I wonder what that's about.
Cindy G said…
Love the hat - that's been on my "admired patterns" list for a long time.

I am impressed with the tiny mittens - so cute - and I can hardly fathom working that miniscule thumb.
Kitty Mommy said…
Love the Rudolph car! Those weensy mittens are SO cute too. It was great meeting your mum at knitting! (Hi Mum!)
peaknits said…
Wait, that is my car! Ha, just kidding. I saw one and had to look like three times, what won't people put on their car right?:) Bentley looks hilarious in the Koolhaas! Nice hat though!
dale-harriet said…
o GREAT! I missed Last Saturday, and I missed meeting MommyBee. Pooey! However, the hat's a wonder (you GO, Bentley!) the mittens...well, I'm trying Normal Human Mittens right now and facing the thumb with Great Trepidation. You are my hero! Happy New Year, MollyBee!
MadCityMike said…
Happy New Year Ms. Molly Bee!

I knitted the same hat using a multi colored yarn and I, too, liked how it turned out. I do like the white as well very much.

Beautiful eyes, by the way..... :)
Hege said…
Happy new year!
The hat is beautiful, I guess she will love it. And the model i s very chsrming too ;)
Lisa said…
Happy New Year! So... THAT's what bugs me about Keanu Reeves. We watched all 3 matrix movies recently... and the one you saw (but at the regular theater, no imax here, not sure I could take 5 foot tall nostrils). I think those eensy mitts are for a wee sprite who had a partial thumb amputation, no?
teeny tiny mittens. Tee hee hee! I hope the chemo goes easily for the friend's daughter.