Sailor's Delight and A Walk on the Tide Side

Red sky at night, sailor's delight. The weatherman says that today is supposed to be the last day for a while that is hotter than the surface of the sun. I'm holding him to it. I know where he works if it turns out to be in the muggy 90°s again and I have to drive over there and find him and 'work it out'. The sunset seems to be backing him up tonight so we'll see. I'm ready for the cool crisp days of autumn. Have been since June actually.

I started knitting up some of my Socks That Rock yarn last night. The colorway is called "A Walk on the Tide Side". It's got a bit of just about every color in the spectrum in it. It was a little dark when I took the photos tonight. I'll wait for more light when I take a photo of the finished sock. The pattern is a cool one from my new favorite book "101 One Skein Wonders". It's a slip stitch rib pattern that really makes the different colors pop.

I am counting down the days until Saturday's Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson! How many opportunities does one get to watch border collies work, smooch and hug sheep (all the while 'thanking them' heart-felt-edly for the yarn. That's the part that REALLY embarrasses Mr. Bee) and buy woolie goodies all in one swell foop!?! Looks like Christmas is comin' early for Molly Bee! So if you see me be sure and say 'hi'. I'll be the short lady (with the tall hubby) laden with packages and covered with hay and sheep schmutz but smiling from ear to ear!


Elizabeth said…
I'm driving down on Sat and meeting up around 12:30 with some of the delightful ladies from my knitting camp, in the food area. Plan to say Hi! ok?
bobbi said…
I have "101 One Skein Wonders" it's one of my favorite also. the socks you're knitting, are they the ones on page 180? i have those socks on my list.
Sus said…
Have fun on Saturday! The one skein book sounds like a great find. I may have to see if the library has a copy. Can't wait to see your finished socks!
knitnzu said…
Those socks look GREAT! Nice picture-it's stinkin' hot here today too, muggy and what a change from lovely past few days...

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