Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ummmm....I Smell Like Wood Smoke!

Well, it was inevitable. We've finally declared war on the neighboring townships and seceded from Wisconsin. The war starts at 1PM. Actually, Mr. Bee and I went to a civil war reenactment camp in town this morning. It was really interesting and walking through the campfire smoke made my shirt smell like my family's camp in Maine. I may never wash the shirt again! Yum! Lots more pictures on the my new Flicker site....(Link on the left hand side of the page, Mum! )
There was a cool group representing the "Colored Regiments" in the war and two ladies were knitting (actually one was crocheting) with Red Heart yarn! Yikes. I got thinking about it and thought that maybe that would be a good home from my first homespun yarn. It's Lincoln; rough, minimally dyed and processed and more than a little amaturish. So I went home and got it and took it back to them. They were thrilled and anxious to get started on some knitting that was a little more authentic to their reenactment than turquoise acrylic! And I'll always remember that my first spinning wheel yarn was used for the Union Army in the Civil War!

I finished my Walk on the Wild Tide Socks. I'm really happy with the stitch pattern and will make sure and remember it when I knit with hand-dyed's in the future. It pops the individual colors out a little more.

Yesterday was Saturday knitting. Baxter's Mom and YarnThrower weren't able to make it but Elizabeth and Linda were there and a couple of other's I hadn't met yet, Rhonda from the UWH and Chris who popped in on the fly on her way to a movie. The company was delightful and the time just zoomed by. Everyone's projects were lovely. I had to 'unknit' a lot when I got home because I'm too interested in chatting and not interested enough in paying attention to my needles!

Off to the basement to get started on the photo quilt!


Elizabeth said...

(I think her name was Chris.)

Looks like an interesting time at the Civil War camp. I bet Dale-Harriet could teach them a thing or two about authenticity, though.

Great to see you yesterday! Maybe I'll make it to The Sow's Ear on the 5th.

YarnThrower said...

I missed you all yesterday, too! I'm going to try to be there in October..... So patriotic of you to give your handspun for the war effort :-)

YarnThrower said...

By the way....what is your ravelry name again? I looked through some of your blog posts, and I can't seem to find it.....though I thought you'd mentioned that you had received your invite....

knitnzu said...

I dated a guy (before dh!) who did revolutionary war reenactments. Went to Ft. Niagara. It was a good time the day that I was dressed in his buckskins as a boy, got to play cannon lighter. The next day I got the woman clothes... not so much fun. The photos are funny, very happy day 1, just there day 2. In the winter I have to dry clothes inside because I don't want them all to smell like the woodstove smoke! Send me something and I'll hang it out for you in Jan and send it back!

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