A Quickie

Only have time for a quickie. Work is KILLING me this week. Looks like I may even have to work straight through the weekend to finish a mega project. In what little spare time I have I've been spinning.....here is a half a bobbin of singles (merino and silk)...

And working on my photo quilt. I fed a photo into the program which spit out a small chart which I hand transferred into this...You can't really see it, but it's 1"squares with numbers. A 1"block of a specific color goes on each space.
Here is a bad photo of my swatches. I picked the colors and put them on this worksheet and photocopied them. This removes the 'color' and lets you work with just the value. Then you arrange them from lightest to darkest, cut out a bazzillion 1" squares, organize them in a box with numbered cubbies and then lay them out on fusible interfacing that has been laid over the pattern. I know in theory what happens next, but I'm only at the cutting a bazzillion 1" squares phase now...
If you're local, be sure a mark your Calendars for next Friday October 5th. The Sow's Ear is having an Anniversary/Grand Opening Celebration/Knit Night with wine, munchies and a Customer Art Show. Be there or be a little 1" square!


peaknits said…
I'll be working this weekend too - being ornery about it right along with you! Your projects will be stunning when you find time to work on them:)
Elizabeth said…
You must be a spinning prodigy. Either that, or you've been at it longer than you've let on.

Don't forget, tomorrow is Last Saturday Knitting! I hope to see you there. Not sure I can make it to The Sows Ear thing: evenings are more challenging for me to negotiate.
Cindy G said…
That is one ambitious quilt! Sorry I won't be at Last Sat knitting (we have a memorial service to attend in IL). May try to make it for the Sow's Ear shindig, though.

The spinning looks just delisious.
knitnzu said…
ONE INCH squares? Yowsa! What a lot of work!

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