Yummy Omelets, Knit Night and Lotsa Loot

Started off the day with a yummy brunch at The Bavaria restaurant in Middleton. Artichoke heart, asparagus and portabella omelet with raisin toast. Doesn't get much better to that! We had early eye doctor appointments and went out afterward. It was good news. Despite my inability to see a moutain of laundry that needs doing, a half inch layer of animal fur on my carpets, and a heavy patina of dust on all of my furniture, the doctor says my eyesight is just fine. With my love of reading, crafts, and all things shiny, losing my eyesight is one of my greatest fears, especially now, with the diabetes. But a stamp of approval for another year was all we need to head out for a big breakfast to celebrate.

Apparently some psychic part of me started celebrating last night before I even had the appt. Went to Knit Night at The Sow's Ear and treated myself to some loot. They had gotten a new shipment of brilliantly colored, highly fondle-able and sparkly-shiny new yarns in and I partook of the bounty:

Cascade Fixation Sock Yarn. I don't like the feeling of knitting with it because it's really stretchy but I loved the sample socks they had and I got an adorable free sock pattern with each pair; a twisted rib one and a tulip one. They'll make great heavy duty socks to wear instead of slippers at night in the winter.

Blackberry Ridge Sock Yarn. You can't tell by this picture, but it's my favorite color; a blend of blues, teals and purples that I call 'Melted Peacock'.

Four skeins of Rowan KidSilk Haze to make "A Day In The Life Of A Cat' dress scarves with. It's almost as thin as cobweb and is a mohair/ silk blend. The red even has some glitter stuff in it. Sigh...bliss.

Knit Night wasn't really crowded. I think a lot of folks don't know that it is every other week in teh summer. There was one REALLY nasty lady there last night. She kind of put a damper on the festivities. She's a regular and is generally negative but last night she was in a real funk. I'll remember to sit out of hearing range next time. Otherwise it was pleasant to visit with the cronies and knit a bit.

Tonight is movie and pizza night at Chez Bee. Off to have a slice, watch Ghost Rider (guess who's choice that was?) and work a bit more on some baby socks for a coworker. Have a great Saturday night.

Later: Review of Mr. Bee's new favorite movie, Ghost Rider. If there's anything better than Nicholas Cage, it's Nicholas Cage ON FIRE!


peaknits said…
Can't wait to hear your movie review:)

Very nice yarn acquisitions!!
Elizabeth said…
One of these Knit Nights, I need to make it out there.

Lovely purchases!
What actor wouldn't be improved if you set him on fire? Think about it... Tom Cruise on fire, Brad Pitt on fire... it would be awesome!! :) (love the tiny cascade sock.. adorable!)